Outer Feet - motorisation is on its way 1.3

Well, the wheels did NOT arrive last week as I had hoped, so was refunded via eBay. Some more were found and were soon be ordered.

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My Son was just as excited they had come as I was. So we both headed out to the garage to work on removing the 'brake drums' which we won't be needing.

These are held in place with four metal pins. I opened up the vice jaws and rested the wheels on the opening. We then got to work with a hammer and screwdriver to hit the pins out from the other side.
R5-D4's Outer foot wheel to motor upgrade

The four pins can be seen in image above.

Here is what I am faced with next though....
R5-D4's Outer foot wheel to motor upgrade

R5-D4's Outer foot wheel to motor upgrade
Apart from the increase thickness, they are also slightly larger diameter than the old scooter wheels, so internal upgrade WILL be required. Design process engaged!

I also thought at first that my belts were too short as the motor was quite close to the wheel, but on second thoughts this might not be a bad thing as space is limited inside and also the position of the motor means it has to be fitted/covered by the battery box once all installed.

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