R5-D4 Droid Caller - 1.1

So, last night I figure out how to fix and fit my droid caller together.
The bottom piece was marked, drilled and tapped thread to an M5.
A bolt then holds it on (not visiable in the picture below).

Next was making a hole for the momentary push button. This I did in the outer tube and then I made a slot in the inner tube to accomadate the rear part of the button. I then drilled another hole for the second 'button'. A slot was cut into the inside tube to allow the pin part to slide in.
A star clip holds it all in place. 

I then found (always keep things lol) a D-ring clip. Can't remember where I saved them off, had two. Drilled a hole and after I found a nice bolt with a square nut to secure, fitted this in place at the rear of the caller.

I think I'll cover the outer plastic with black gaffer tape.
As the texture I like the look & feel of.

Last, but not least, the block was milled (groove), drilled & countersunk. The M5 thread theme was continued into the top part so that the screw bolted it all together.
Droid Caller

Now just waiting for my buzzer to arrive and mini 12v battery holder unit.

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