*** Corsham Sci-Fi family fun day 2014 ***

Friday night, R5 was loaded into back of car and strapped into place. Along with his transport platform (just in case) toolbox (well, you never know lol) & Giles extension reel from Fleet, last year.

Then Saturday morning, Jay and myself, bags packed, set off on the not so long journey down the M4 to Bath, then on to Corsham.

On entering the schools hall, past the stalls, there......at the back of the main hall......was Mark's droids.......oh.......AND A 'Stargate!' Wow, its big!!!

I unloaded R5 from his platform with Jacob's assistance :). And set him up, along with his new display board.

And turned on his dome eye sensor LED's. Now we're in business!
The guest were already arriving, Darth Vader and the others were setting up and chatting with 'group members'. Giles & Artoojayzero were all present and correct and was going to give Marks collection of Astromech's a friendly run for their money lol.
(Marks droid collection = Emy, Zoe, CID & K9)
Astromech Droids

The event was opened by Darth Vader himself, AKA Dave Prowse.
Dave Prowse [Darth Vader] @ Corsham Charity Sci-Fi fun day 2014

R5 got some love from the guests (even as just a static display) and was flattered when someone actually asked if he was the REAL R5 from the film?!?! Lol, she was old enough to not spoil the illusion of it when i told her and her brother, that no, it wasn't and that I'd built it. They did seem genuinely impressed tho and went to ready up on my build via display board.......it work's! People did read the info and one or two people scanned the QR codes. Artoojayzero likes the board idea, tho with an R2 shape lol. I was asked by lots of people about the Droids, as the other builders were off playing lol, about build material, costs etc. One excited lady came over as her Brother had also built an Astromech, but wasn't a member of the Club. We chatted and have invited him to come and join the group, fingers crossed :-).

Corsham Charity Sci-Fi fun day 2014R5D4

Dr WhoR2 & R5

R5 lens flare, eat your heart out JJ Abrams, lol

Sarah Louise MadisonSarah Louise Madison
The lovely Sarah Louise Madison.
(Dr Who - Weeping Angle)

Members of the SG1 team & Stargate.
Built by Podpad Studio

R5 was invited to attend Chippenham sci-fi, 25th October 2014.

The visitors are encouraged to come in costume and they did! There are Dr's, Predators, Batman, Terminators, Twi'lek Jedi (little girls costume was awesome!) Everyone had a great time and the day raised over £4K.

There are more photos on Facebook popping up so keep an eye out and if you see R5, let me know lol. Thanks

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