Centre Foot - Wheel Upgrade 1.1

Saturday afternoon I dis-assemble the wheel and angles off the inner wood pad. This is what the wheel and the foot bolt onto inside the shell.

Then marked second new wheel bracket up and cut it out.

Once edges were smooth, I got to work on making sure there was enough clearance from the top of the wheel to the inside of the wheel mount. Once done I drilled both plates together for the main bolt hole. I then G-clamped the first bracket onto the wheel bracket and drilled two 4mm holes through both parts. 
r2d2 centre foot wheel r5d4r2d2 centre foot wheel r5d4
 Unclamped, and drilled a 5mm holes in the wheel bracket.

R2D2 centre foot wheel

I then tapped the new bracket M5 threads. Screwed back together, fitted new wheel and opposite side bracket, G-clamped it to wheel bracket to locate, removed wheel and repeated drill holes and tapping. The screws in the pictures were temperary ones, shorter ones will be fitted.

This is the end result....
R5D4 centre foot wheel

Whether it works is another thing! lol :D
Next is the internal base and the angles to clamp the centre leg to....

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