Event report on the Sci-Fi Fest: (23rd Nov 2013) @ FLEET AIR ARM museum

My usual transport (my car) had been commandeered for the day so had to use the sub-standard cargo bay transport [don't tell the wife I called her car small :D]. Nearly two hours trying to fit R5 into the cargo bay of it! Eventually I had to resort to removing ALL his feet, not a big deal, only three bolts in total, as no electric motors to disconnect......yet. Then strap him in good and tight.

Just over an hours drive from Bristol & Yeovilton on a very cold, but Sunny morning.

Arrived and then began the R5 rebuild. Here I also meet up with fellow builder Giles & Artoojayzero. And my then unceremonious dragging him over not very smooth car park tarmac. Did a two trip journey, second was for R5's dome.

The event was organised by The Charity Sci-Fi Group.

Once inside we meet up with Mark and his 'collection' of droids! Below are links to his pages!
Podpadstudios these include a few people my recognise, and also introducing his latest creation....... Steam Punk Droid!

We set up and were off. As R5 was safley on display, I helped out with assisting Giles with his droid. Mark & Giles got loads of attention from the kids as well as parents lol. R5 also had his fair share of comments and questions and also the QR codes for our respective sites came in handy. The MK Garrison & The Southern Troopers group were also in attendance and were awesome! loads of photos taken :)

Before you knew it the day was done and it was packing up time. This was my first official event with R5....and his dome....but again, had a gerat time and managed to remember some names to put with faces. Well heres some of the photos taken.

R5-D4 Astromech Droid
R5 also has a Facebook page for those who would like to follow him on there,
click on this link to take you there James R5-D4

Giles & Artoo-jay-zero
R5-D4 Astromech DroidPodpadstudiosPodpadstudios

Jango Fett, Boba Fett & R2-D2Paul Blake aka Greedo

R5-D4, Steam Punk Droid, R2-D2

Artoo-jay-zero, R2-D2R5-D4 Astromech Droid



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