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UK R2 Builders Launch New Site
Reported by Mark on 22 Sep 2013 23:22 
Mike Filippidis over at Astromech.info has gotten in touch to drop us a line about a vital new UK website.
We at the UKR2Builders have just launched our public website, so people can see what we are up to and where they can catch a glimpse of us. Check out the new website at Http://www.astromech.info


Front Vents - Resin Set 2.0

Originally written last year sometime lol.

I wasn't happy with the front vents that I had made. I know I spent a lot of time making them, but I wanted them to especially look right as these are the bits that people will focus on. So was looking to buy a set from Don Jarr via ebay.

Well I don't have to save up as was kindly offered a spare set from a member of the UK R2 Builders club. These are very much appreciated indeed!

I measured and marked a centre line for the centre vents. Then drew roughly where the outside cut should be, then I started with a drill hole and then started sanding out to size with my dremel.
R2D2, R5D4, Vents

R5 - Top Vent
This is one of the brackets I fitted to support the top vent.
There will be more substantial supports for these as I can imagine these
being pushed in by kids! lol

And here's the top vent test fitted.
R5 - Top Vent test fitting

R5 - Top Vent test fitting