R5-D4's Head 2.8 - Dome Panel's = SORTED ;)

Friday evening after work, I fitted the already assembled, upper disc & panel, onto the lower ring and started fitting panel no2 onto it. 
Upper & Lower disc/rings attached to dome panel no1
Drilled & countersunk holes, screwing screws in, filing edges & a bit of sanding. I cut some vertical pieces with angled ends, to 'flatten' the two joins bulges and screwed these together. Then applied some wood filler to some of the un-used holes.
This pic shows the vertical support, that I've had to use to stop
the dome panel from 'bulging' outwards.
This next pic show's that the wood eventually retains it's curve lol
Curve's at last lol
One more shot with my phone camera, vintage style :)
My work area [garage] look's like the inside of a Sandcrawler, hahahaha.

To do list:
1. use 'P40' resin to strengthen panel joins
2. clean the main panel edges to the lower section, and apply filler.
3. reposition the eyes and recessed box's to avoid the join areas.
4. location of antenna for drilling its securing hole.

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