R5-D4's Head 3.1 - Recessed Boxes

Used dremel with sanding drum to cut/sand out a section on the [internal] lower dome ring, to allow clearance for the recessed box to fit up against the inside of the dome. Then started on cutting out the other two box recess.

I also started applying P40 resin into the joins between the angled skin pieces to strengthen them. So that lifting the dome is able to be done withought worry of cracking of joins & paint etc.

Then got to apply resin to bond the rear recess box to the inside of the dome. Also applied some to cover up the wrong holes. Then finished off by filling in more to the joins etc.

These are not pretty, but here's inside of the dome, side recessed box bonded in place
inside of the dome, rear recess box bonded in place
Dome Rod's issues.......???
How to fix the side rods in their recessed boxes = upgrade. Originally I had the lower section of the side Dome Rods, tapped with M5 threads. These would secure them in place, while the top section would slide up through a hole and then be lowered down to fit onto the lower section. But due to the internal frame now being in the way of locking the Rods in place, Something I hadn't originaly planned on, so it's onto 'Plan B'.

Plan B:
I drilled out the lower hole to be the same size as the lower section, so it will slid into it. I then cut a small piece of wood and glued it to the underside of the box. This acts as a stop for the lower section. This, along with the sides, was covered with resin to bond it all together.

Loads of sanding & top-up areas with more wood filler. Then sprayed all over with primer. This helps to find areas that still need work & also start to build up some undercoat layers.
Then applied MORE filler were it showed it was needed.

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