R5-D4's Head 2.4 - marking/cutting/fitting

So last Friday, I started on bonded the rear dome box pieces together with p40 resin. Cut side pieces for side box no1. Whilst this was setting I did some sanding of the wood filler on the dome rim.

I then decided to take off the upper curve, to be replaced with a longer piece. Then I realised that I had used the lower curve template! The upper curve is larger because the dome has a different angle.
The dome boxes being prepped for bonding
Saturday evening, I marked out on hardboard, using 1:1 scale paper templates, the correct upper curve in two pieces, [not four as before] for the dome itself. Worked out & Marked recess boxes & 'eyes' positions etc.

I positioned the dome top plate onto the hardboard and also the second upper curve. Managed to fit it all onto the one sheet. Then started to cut all the pieces out.

And then fitted the new upper curves into place.....
The curve still wouldn't keep it's shape, so I had to add the extra 'support' pieces.
Pictures below, show the two upper curved pieces fitted and the new upper 'support' pieces fitted where needed to help keep the curve [circled in red]. What I should of done was made up 8 [eight] main support unit's spaced around the main ring, that way I wouldn't of had to bodge these in. Never mind, a lesson to anyone reading and following :).

Before fitting the 'upper' supports, the gaps show the curve is not keeping it's shape 

Wood filler also applied

After reading and following this post over on the Astromech.net forum R5-D4 option for my R2.0 buildI went looking for 'spy holes' for doors. Most were quiet expensive, well the larger ones were, i.e. 180 degree vision x3 off = nearly £15. But eventually I found some on Ebay, total £4.79.
R5-D4's three eyes
R5's Dome Eyes

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