R5-D4's Head - 2.2

So over the weekend I managed to get some more work done on R5's head. I had an issue with securing the two strips together. Wood glue would only hold one strip, then it would tear the other piece apart. Hence the clamp in the photo [see prev. post below]. I tried hot glue gun, but this did the same, even when applied to the wood ends. So I decided that I needed a more physical fix. I cut a thin piece of wood and drilled and screwed through the strips into it. Job done! :)

Next was to cut out the two lower curves. The paper template I had printed out to scale was taped down and the wood then cut with my Coping saw.

And here they are fitted. After two hours work last night lol.....don't ask ;D

I've pinned the curves in place and then used P40 resin to hold/fill gaps.
This is still a work in progress, still a long way to go :)

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