The Corsham Sci-fi family fun day 2013

Last month I mentioned that R5 would be making his first debut lol, even though he's not 100% complete. Well, a request for droids was made on the UK R2D2 Builders, Facebook page and so I offered R5's services, in his unfinished state.  :D

So we (and later on, the family) attended
The Corsham Sci-fi family fun day, Saturday  27th April.

With having to be in Corsham for 7:45am, I pre-loaded R5 into the boot the night before and strapped him in good. I then fussed over last minute things I was happy about on him :D lol. So didn't get to bed till midnight.......again.
This was obviously taken the morning before departing :)

The next morning, I was obviously excited, as was awake at 6:15am even before my alarm was due to go off hahaha. After getting ready and putting on my Official R2 Builders Club shirt [chuffed ;)] I set off.

Ian helped wheel R5 in and showed me my new temporary dome, a clear R3 type.
R5 sporting an R3 type dome, just to confuse everyone :)
I fitted the last remaining pieces to R5 before wheeling him into position along side three other quality build Astromechs Arther Astromech Emy & Zoe Astromech. Also a hybrid Dalek Caan & T3:E1,

After the offical opening ceremony, performed by Anthony Stewart Head, R5 was moved onto the platform next to K9.

A fitting tribute was paid to the Charity Sci-Fi's group president, Richard LeParmentier, a force choke by Darth Vader on all the guests, in honour of him. This little piece had become the norm for him at many events and also copied by fans around the world.

Vader uses the Force at the opening of the event :)
Dr Who K9
K9 looking puzzeled at R5 :D
Whilst Arther, Emy, Zoe, T3 & Caan, got to roll around the floor and interect with the guests :)
Zoe Astromech
Arther Astromech [R4]
The day finished for the guest around 4pm. Time fly's when your having fun.
Total raised was over £6,800.
This was devided between thress charities & the Actors Benevolent Fund.

For more pictures, please see my Facebook page: James R5-D4
Thanks for reading

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