Booster Leg Strut's:

Found some material, so these were the next pieces to be machined up. Redrew them up with metric dimensions. So they were easier to read for machining purposes. [as the dimensions were not all grouped together] And finally because they will be made in three parts.

Started on turning first part of 'leg strut'. This part fits inside the leg booster cover.

I made it longer at both ends so it will slide into the other parts.

I must point out that this multi-part construction is not my 'idea' but borrowed from [web pages]. Also, due to size of available scrap material.

Also, sketched up how I am going to make the square top part of R5's leg strut.

Basicaly, I'll use the lathe to turn the top diameter and undercut (groove). Then use the Milling machine to mill the four flats, than drill the connecting hole.

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