Shoulder Disc **UPDATE**

Had a busy family weekend, fortunatly I had Monday off. So managed to do some work on R5. Did a bit more trimming of the top vents internals. Wasnt 100% happy they were sitting squarely.

Sanded the shoulder disc. Sprayed it with primer, then silver paint. This helped show up the bits that needed more filling. I wasnt 100% happy with this first effort, couldnt convince myself it could be 'pitting' from 'wear-n-tear'. So re-sanded a small section, re-sprayed primer & then silver. Much smoother! 10/10 lol. Will be requiring some more primer & silver paint too!

This is the filler. It was cheap and sands easily.

Shoulder Disc, showing un-sanded filler on the left of photo, sanded on the right.

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