*** Star Wars Shoes (Sept 2014 update) ***

This page is to show the pair of heels I covered in Star Wars comic pictures for a friend :D
Not one, but now two pairs lol

**UPDATE September 2014**
Client loved these so much she asked me if I would do another pair of Star Wars shoes.
These are more everyday use lol.
Star Wars heel shoes

Star Wars shoes heels

Star Wars shoes heels


This was the first pair I made (red pair below).
I started them, appropriatly enough, on May 4th 2014
mod podge star wars heels
Mod Podge, scissors, magazine/comic..........plenty of time!

Star Wars heelsStar Wars heels
 These were progress pictures taken & sent to confirm friend was happy with work.
Star Wars heels
 Shoe no1 outside face almost done.

Star Wars heelsStar Wars heels
 Shoe no2 work in progress, whilst waiting for mod podge to dry.

For how to, search my Blog for 'Mod Podge' & or 'Star Wars Heels' [May 2014]

And here they are finished...

Finishing touch......R5-D4

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