R5-D4 Trading Cards

This page is for my small collection of R5-D4 related cards.
Trading cards, vintage cards and game cards. (2014)

This came about whilst searching for images of R5 online.
I thought it be nice to have them for display at home or at events.
But after not very long I realised that old Red,
doesn't actually have that many!

So as the main build of R5 was complete, I thought I'd buy the ones I could and make a stand for them, rather than just stuff them in a draw.
R5-D4 Trading & Game cards

R5-D4 Trading & Game cards

There are a few more cards out there, this is one of them, below.

Some are super rare!
These are called 'sketch' cards which were included in card packs,
but were limited in number. I've seen pictures of them,
so for now will have to make do with the cards I have.


Thought I'd add my own Trading Cards of R5
that were made for Club members by Lee Towersey

The Red boarder one was limited numbered and for Celebration Europe 2016.
The Blue boarder picture was of R5, taken AT Celebration Europe.

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