R5-D4 Photos

These are images of R5-D4 as seen in 'A New Hope'
They are found pictures that I've used as reference for my build.


R5-D4 modified centre leg

R5D4 Bad MotivatorR5D4 Bad Motivator

R5D4 film set

R5D4 film set
Behind the scenes pictures
R5D4 film set

This is from inside the Jawa Sandcrawler

The following are from the film set.
R5D4 film set
This image shows the problem that R5 had with his centre leg.
He was in two leg mode and was supposed to operate into three leg mode.
The 2-3-2 maneuver.

R5D4 film set
R5D4 film set
This pic show's R5 has an outer foot for his centre foot!

Other R5 Astromechs

These two pictures are NOT of R5-D4 but are of R5-D8.
He was Jek Porkins astromech - Battle of Yavin.
He is identical in looks to R5-D4.

These two are Imperial  R5 Units
These two have different features to 'standard' R5 units.
Note the centre foot on the right droid & it's 'binocular' eye sensors.
The left droid appears not to have a rotating ring for it's dome
[poss because it was just stationary for the film??]