MCM London - October 27 - Report (..........at last)

What a day!

Awake at 4:30am! Out the door and transport away by 5am. Pick up Jamie en-route, just off the M4 motorway and arrived in plenty of time........

Well, that was the plan.....alarm set wrong PM not AM, I woke up at 6am and then it was a dash to pick up Jamie and on up to London.

Unloaded the car & met Sam, drove R5 to the lifts & up to the arena. Lee (P6B-LT2) was a surprise attendance as he was available & Simon (R2-FETT) were there. Simon was off else where so we didn't get many/any photo's of his droid.

Early door's opened and the event was crowded then till about 3pm, when it seemed to thin out a bit.
P6B-LT2 (track droid from 'Solo') R2-SHP & R5-D4(left to right)

For once, we didn't have an R2-D2 unit in attendance, though that did mean the rest of the droids got some attention lol.

The 501st display was right next to one of the stages for talks, so we were always swamped by people queing up and then leaving after each talk.
The kid who does cosplay (family) were there.
Have seen them at events but not able to catch up with them.
Managed to get a photo for Rogue One.
Other costumed people I was able to get a photo of with R5 were:
Qi'ra - Solo a Star Wars Story

A Rebel Pilot

The Tardis Dr Who
The Tardis

Dr Who, Jodi Whittaker
Dr Who
We did manage to have a lunch break & ice cream too. The rest of the afternoon was a bit quieter and a bit more available time to take photos. Not that it looks quieter in these pictures lol.

There were loads of cosplayer's as well as general public in non cosplay outfits. Loads of stalls, brands, other displays to see. We did get to walk round once, and with both halls open, it is a massive complex!

The event eventually closed up just before 7pm, which was when we were able to pack up the droids & for me & Jamie, start our long drive home. Another fun day with Lee, Sam & Jamie, lots of laughs & chat's bout droid stuff lol

Next event is
MCM Birmingham, Saturday 24th November.
This will be a BIG one for the club, with 15 builders, with a minimum of 15 droids, some  builders may be bringing two droids! Only three of us only attending on the Saturday, the rest will be there both day.

Event's requests are already coming in for 2019 to the club,
so a lot to look forward to attending.

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