R5's transport sledge 'upgrade work' pt3

The two 'fixed, in-line' wheels, where good, but made pushing in directions a bit difficult at times.

So wanted to replace with two more swivel casters. I also wanted to reduce some of its weight and clean up the lines a bit. So the two protruding sections (holed wheel slots) where marked and sawn off.
Transport sledge

I then marked and drilled two holes for the threaded swivel casters. I used t-nuts this time rather than trying to fit normal nuts, like on the two the other end.
Transport sledge

Not much lighter, but is a bit and is easier to move when R5's not loaded up on him. Defo easier to move around.


R5-D4's metallic 'machine turn' neck tape

UK builders have struggled to find this and from reading up, most have had to import it from the USA, at addition cost.
R5-D4's silver 'machine turn' tape
R5-D4's silver 'machine turn' tape

A fellow member asked me for info on my tape and where to get it from.

After explaining my luck a few years ago, I decided to look for the elusive 'machine turn' material!

USA builders can find the supplier....... Tape Planet [click for link]

And this place has it in sheet form over here in the UK.

Update, fellow club member was VERY happy with this!


Rogue One - Celebration Europe 2016 - Disney XD

After tracking down the Disney XD presenter Maro Sandoval, lol :D,
I finally found the TV advert that briefly features my R5.

Screen time is about 0.5 seconds lol,
you can find him at 1:58 seconds into the You Tube clip.


*** Birthday Rogue One Poster Gift ***

Wednesday was my birthday, and as usual, I had the day off work. The early morning started with a opening cards & gifts from my family and also a special surprise gift from fellow UK R2 Builders member, Emma, a designed Rogue One character poster. My eyes were drawn straight away to an R5 unit below Jyn's face (restraining bolt included as well). This was not on the original, as I had previously looked at the piece of work, but had been added in at Emma's request :O. Thanks Em.

This is the edited version, to see the real version, checkout Okse's website and Instagram links below. Obviously the Original print version will be R5'less lol.

Check out his website The Art of Okse

Also on Insatgram.