'R0 dome build - 4.5- 3D printed dome rods, fitting'

Free time at the weekend:
I filed the diameters on the rode's to smooth out the printing. Next was some light sanding with paper. Its more heat/friction from the file, than actual 'cutting' that makes the surface smooth I've found out.

Once cleaned off burrs etc, i got out my mini spray booth (its a big cardboard box) lol, and sprayed the three up with grey primer. I had already marked each one so i knew where they would fit back into their recessed boxes.
R0-D4's fitted Dome Rod (1 of 3)
R0-D4's fitted Dome Rod (1 of 3)
These are NOT 100% accurate, but will do for now. Next thing is to complete the new LED panel and then add some weathering to match up with R5's body.

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