'R0' dome build - 3.3 'Dome filler'

I wasn't happy with how this edge of the dome skin curved inwards to much. This is where the extra inner support could of been better placed to help the skin's curvature, as the wood just wants to sit flat. So I decided to pack it out with wood & filler. Firstly I used a straight edge to gauge how far out it needed to be extended. Then I glued three scrap pieces of wood in place to fill in the depth.

In the above pic, you can see where I've pencilled in an a max area, as a guide. I then mixed up a small amount and started to apply it to the area.

Once dried I applied more filler, sanded and shaped.

In the second pic you can see that the lower edge is more curved. Feathering the edges of the filler to blend it all in.

Oh and I also glued two more squares in place.

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