'R0' dome build - 1.9 'recessed boxes'

Using Lars' plans as a guide to help with my wood build. I marked and cut out the inner pieces to make up the recessed box.
R0-L0 droidR0-L0 droid

Drilled one large hole for the dome rod to fit into and a smaller one for a screw to secure in place. This one goes at the top for easy access. Lol, learned my lesson when doing R5 :-D.
The lower larger one will be fitted with a piece of wood to stop it dropping through.

Applied PVA wood glue and clamped box in place.

Once dried I added wood filler to the gaps

And some glue to the rear joints to soak into the gaps.

The plan is to cover these and joins with fiber glass matt for strength and security.

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