Star Wars Celebration - London 2016 - Accommodation update......or not as the case may be!

Well.....what a nightmare booking somewhere to stay is!!

Hotel's with resonable prices.....all gone, booked up, before I had the chance to sort things out [family attending etc] some hotels that have rooms available are asking £500+ in some cases!!

I wanted to be close enough to Excel that I didn't need to use my car for the time I was there. Need to take it tho as transporting R5 up on the train with a bag & extra's might be a bit difficult lol.

Whilst searching the net for hotels and then B&B's, I found this site www.airbnb.co.uk here you can find accommodation all over the place.

The only problem is that a lot of people DON'T want to take bookings so far in advance! But then if you don't, as in one case, someone else then books them the weekend you needed!

So the hunt continues......

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