Utility Arms 1.4 - Arm No.2

Started on the second Utility Arm last Friday. Marked & cut out the two half's, drilled holes and screwed them together. Applied wood filler all over and started sanding.

Also marked out and cut the socket hole for the arm. Sanded and PVA sealed the edges.

Am not 100% sure where I've gone wrong, but the arms are either too short or the area I've measured for the sockets and L.D.P. are wrong :( ???

I'll make do for now and see if I can figure out where I've gone wrong.


Body Skin 3.9

Just a small update, sprayed white and clear coated the underside of the Utility Arm socket frame curve. Next I used three panel pins to secure the skin edges to the frame, around the top ring area. Then used a nail head to hammer them in slightly below the surface of the skin, to later be filled with wood filler. This just helped to 'pull them in closer' before applying wood filler around the top of the skin to the frame. This tides it all up and looks a lot better.

Applied some more wood filler around the skin/frame edges on the other side of R5 this time. Also fillered the join lines between the body skin and the top rear piece I fitted that goes above the rear hatch. Next I started to apply some resin to the inside edges of the skin/frame. This is also to add extra strength around potentially weak areas. Noticiably the skin over the shoulder disc's, as there's not much strength in the wood and it could possibly flex. I just want to be sure that nothing will move/break once R5 is complete. He won't be bullet proof, but I hope at least 'kid' proof ;)

Wood filler over join and screws
Wood filler between skin and top ring 
Resin to bond and strengthen skin as it's thin and weak here.
Recess work has started on panel
I have finished recessing the panel, no pics, and have sealed it with watered down PVA glue. This is as far as I've got as have been press-ganged into decorating the house!! :(