Coin Slots - assembled

Thursday in work, I finished off the coin slots. Drilled holes in the pre-marked backing plate. Then positioned the centre lines on the backs of the coin slots under the holes and using a pillar drill, dilled into them. I then hammered in 'sel-lok pins' through the plate to secure the clots in place. Then I peened the pin ends over to secure. Not a pretty sight lol, I'll cover these over later.

Friday I was out with the family at a local event to watch the Royal Wedding. But in the back on my mind was a nagging thought. Were the base dimensions correct???
So that evening, I had to reassure myself that I had drawn them up in the correct position, as everything get's built around these!!

PHEW!! They were. Also the arms I' marked up, also fitted (length). It's one thing to follow a set of plans, but following more than one with a few 'modifications' thrown in, makes things......... interesting lol :-D

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