R5-D4 - Bad Motivator Smoke system 1.1

Last October I was looking at making a smoke system for R5's Bad Motivator.

I looked on the R2-D2 forums & Build Blogs for smoke and how to get it [without burning lol]. Then my search went wider on the net to find big, large amounts of smoke. This led me to videos of e-cig and the best way to get the most vapours! WOW!! One of the picture searches led me to the Ghostbuster forums as on there members had got good results from using e-cig's/pumps etc. There are tutorials on how to build these into the Proton Pack's & Ghost traps! 

The below e-Cig I had is different to the ones used in the GB post, and it was a case of YouTube searching, that I found this guys explanation and how to fix. Click his link below.

Mini smoke machine test for Ghostbusters ghosttrap

So off onto eBay I went in search of components. I had some parts, I just needed to source the others.

R5-D4's bad motivator smoke systemR5-D4's bad motivator smoke system

R5-D4's bad motivator smoke system

For testing I used  AA battery power for the pump, running at 3 volts and more to fire up the e-Cig running @ 6 volts.

R5-D4's Bad Motivator smoke system

R5-D4's Bad Motivator smoke system

The You Tube link explaining my e-Cig was watched, but found that the centre contact is live and I don't have to push the wire all the way down the hole (blocking up valuable air flow lol). The negative wire was fed through the side hole I had previously made and soldered to the inside threaded area of the e-Cig.

I then connected up some clear tubing I had, to the e-Cig. This had a small hole cut into it to allow the positive wire to poke through (just visible in top picture above red tape). Then I hot glue filled the lot into place! Next I connected it up to a smaller piece of tubing from something off one of the kids old toys (I think lol), this fitted nicely over the pumps outlet stub pipe. I've left the tubing long for the time being until I sort locations out for everything in R5's dome.

Fired it all up......and YES, it works! I just need to get some glycerine fluid and maybe some scented e-Cig fluid lol.

More to follow.......... including some video......


R5-D4's Dome control syatem 1.3 - COMPLETED

Braved the cold of my garage Saturday afternoon, to install R5's dome switch unit. Basically a servo linked up to swith two micro switches to power dome motor left/off/right.
Fitted the board to the inside upright and all plugged in. Just need to sort the batteries plug so its charger can plug into it to be charged.
R5-D4 Dome control switch unit

R5-D4 Dome control switch unitR5-D4 Dome control switch unit

Have been happy since sorting the switches out and that it would actually work, but to finally install the switch panel in and test R5's dome properly, with the transmitter, felt like I had actually achieved the basic level of completing An Astromech. That being 'full motorisation, feet and dome' :)


R5-D4's Dome control system 1.2

Back in November @ Collectormania 22. I saw Owen's R2, a fellow UK R2 Club member, who has a similar control system to Victors, but his has a linkage system to his micro switches, this I like.

Soldered up the wires to the two micro switches, and heat shrunk the contacts. This includes wires to connect up with the 'test' power, which is a 6V battery.

I tested the motor on one of the 12V batteries and to me it seamed to fast for my liking, where as the 6V gave a more movie style movement. This is a personal choice, which kind of goes with the sad R5 feel from the film.

All wired up and tested and YES, the micro switch idea works (more excited my soldering works lol)

January 2015
What with Xmas and being ill, I've not had a chance to get on with any R5 work.....until one night last week. I wired up the servo and tested out the idea of it switching the micro switches, using the transmitter. In principle it worked lol.

Saturday 17th - Fitting of R5's dome motor!
The idea was to fit the motor with a pivot point and spring tension. But I found that the metal bracket has enough 'flex' in it not to need the spring. The rotating disc is not perfectly round lol, so I found the smallest part of its diameter and screwed the bracket into place. There was a bit of movement from the bracket when the motor moves, but the flex is okay.

This next pic you can see the screws in place.

This pic shows the limited space.
You can see the inside of the dome structure also.


2015 - R5-D4 & The UK R2-D2 Builders Club

So 2015 is here and the countdown to episode VII is literally less than a year away! I know my kids are looking forward to it along with friends, some who have surprised me with their almost hidden enthusiasm for Star Wars lol.

Im especially looking forward to getting R5's dome motorised and under remote control! With lots of events on and of course the film release, Star Wars groups will be more popular and be in demand than ever, so I've already 'booked' time off to be able to attend these and others with R5 and other members of the UK R2 Builders club, Ian, Giles, Stuart, James, Phil to name a few as well as costume groups like The Southern Troopers, Joker Squad, Milton Keynes Garrison at events like Corsham Sci-Fi family Fun Day (TBC), MCM events, Cardiff Comic Con (TBC). There will be more events to be confirmed as the year goes along. So check out these groups, all have FaceBook pages as well as Twitter accounts too, like and follow them for events they'll be at near you! Of course theres R5's own Facebook page and Twitter account, still getting used to using Twitter lol, so look up R5 under James R5-D4.

Not been well these last two weeks so not been able to work on R5, and its back to work next week......maybe........if antibiotics do their thing!

Next on R5's list for this year is to get his motivator working, smoke and sound effects too. All with what available spare cash I can find. As much as I want R5 to be fully operational, family life has to come first. Tho thankfully my kids are understanding (& proud) that R5 is going to be out and about