2015 - R5-D4 & The UK R2-D2 Builders Club

So 2015 is here and the countdown to episode VII is literally less than a year away! I know my kids are looking forward to it along with friends, some who have surprised me with their almost hidden enthusiasm for Star Wars lol.

Im especially looking forward to getting R5's dome motorised and under remote control! With lots of events on and of course the film release, Star Wars groups will be more popular and be in demand than ever, so I've already 'booked' time off to be able to attend these and others with R5 and other members of the UK R2 Builders club, Ian, Giles, Stuart, James, Phil to name a few as well as costume groups like The Southern Troopers, Joker Squad, Milton Keynes Garrison at events like Corsham Sci-Fi family Fun Day (TBC), MCM events, Cardiff Comic Con (TBC). There will be more events to be confirmed as the year goes along. So check out these groups, all have FaceBook pages as well as Twitter accounts too, like and follow them for events they'll be at near you! Of course theres R5's own Facebook page and Twitter account, still getting used to using Twitter lol, so look up R5 under James R5-D4.

Not been well these last two weeks so not been able to work on R5, and its back to work next week......maybe........if antibiotics do their thing!

Next on R5's list for this year is to get his motivator working, smoke and sound effects too. All with what available spare cash I can find. As much as I want R5 to be fully operational, family life has to come first. Tho thankfully my kids are understanding (& proud) that R5 is going to be out and about

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