Boba Fett - costume build for my Son

This is the costume I made for my Son. He wanted me to make him it after meeting Jeremy Bulloch at the Corsham Sci-Fi family fun day, back in 2010.

Corsham Sci-fi Family Fun Day 2010
As my Son wanted me to make him the outfit. I decided that it would be best to make it as light as possible for him to wear. So it was all made out of cardboard, covered in paper and painted. Some artistic licence was used, so this build is not to scale or 100% accurate :-)
I was going to make the helmet, again out of cardboard, but was rushed for time. He wanted to wear his armour for his birthday party. So this was bought.
Gauntlet No1
Gauntlet No2



I used flashing LED's that randomly flashed at different intervals to resemble Boba's.

Knee build in progress
Just one of the knee's
Outfit so far, started painting
An old curtian I had from years ago

Almost finished armour.
In this picture above it includes the two drop pouches on the belt, gauntlets and braid.

And here is the full armour [minus jet pack].
Now for the best part of the build..... The EE-3 Blaster!
Down the barrel

scope mounted
EE-3 Blaster w.i.p.

Handle and trigger guard

Barrel fins added
I wanted to add some lights and sound, didn't have time for sound, but lights ;-)

mini battery fitted inside handle.
If you see it flashing, you've just been blasted! hahaha
Sprayed up matt black
I added this logo, for two reasons, one it identifiys who's blaster it is and second, just in case my Son's playing outside, people will see it's ONLY a toy!


Next was the Jet Pack, not many pics as this was the second build I had to make. The first one was wood based and was just too heavy for my Son to wear and run around in. So this was a simpler and rushed version.

Almost finished, test fit and check size..... as my Son was growing fast! lol
And here he is Boba Fett himself. In 2011, ready to meet Boba Fett, the other one ;-D

Yes, his shoulder armour broke off, was toooo eager to put it all on :-D
My Son with Boba Fett, who was impressed with his armour :-).
One happy Son, and one happy Dad :-)