LegoLand Windsor - Event Report 2018

Well, what a weekend!!! 😃.

It was hot, Sunday's temperature topping out at around 28 degrees C., two long days, up around 7 till finishing up around 5-6pm. But bringing Star Wars to life, to see people enjoying themselves is a great feeling.

Paul was going to follow me up to Windsor in his van with R2. After some last minute repairs to one of his holo projectors, we left about 7 and arrived just after 9:30pm. We were escorted onto the park to of load the droids, along with Ian's R2, at the Imagination Centre, which would be our base camp lol.

Early Saturday morning.
Jamie (spotter), Oliver (chatting), Ian (R2)
George (our resident photographer).

Once the droids were ready, it was out into the morning sunshine.
r2d2, r5d4, r5x2 droids
Ian, myself & Oliver's droids
The Imagination Centre is just down inside the park, so people pass to head towards the miniature Lego villages. There is also a ride with ques, so we drove the droids up to this more flatter, smoother area to entertain the crowds lol.

This was where we ran into some Rebel Pilots, tho nobody wanted R5 as there X-wing Astromech??? :D
R5-D4 & Rebel Pilots
Rebel Pilots
The morning weather was warming up fast and I was glad I'd worn my shorts & remembered sun cream! With lots of photo's being taken and the ques being entertained, we decided that we needed to break for lunch. So we stored the droids and joined the other costume group members for a chat, food & a cool down.

After lunch, we all drove the droids up to the main entrance for the afternoon. The costume groups, Joker Squad, Sentinel Squad, The Rogue Ones, Rebel Legion & Mandolorian Mercs, also attended, for mass group photos for the visitors.

Then the Droids headed out to the front of the park for some group photos. These are just some of the ones I took, George, will be sending in his better composed versions to the group soon.

UK R2D2 Builders Club - Legoland 2018
Saturdays droids lineup

UK R2D2 Builders Club - Legoland 2018
 Saturdays droids lineup

UK R2D2 Builders Club - Legoland 2018
There are droids and then there are R5's lol
After these photos, we drove the droids back inside and they had their pics taken a few more times....
R2D2 with Leia, Luke & Han
 Ian's R2D2 with Leia, Luke & Han

before we headed back to our respective base camps to store them for the night.

Once safely stored it was time for us to get back, changed and head out for a gathering of builders. Lee did a live video draw for the UK R2 Builders Club competition. This can be seen on the FaceBook page (members). But here's the picture of us all.
Ian was the lucky winner.

Sunday was another hot day...hotter than Saturday!
R5 was in his same spot, joined by Darren & again by Mark. Ian transferred to the lower section of the park to join the others as some droids had to go home.

The morning was a repeat of Saturday, re entertaining the crowds and que's. Kids & adults had photos and selfies with the droids lol.

Then after lunch we headed back up to the main entrance area to link up with the costume groups for even more photos with people.

These are the Sunday images, off my Instagram account.

R5 & co finished up about 5pm'ish, the crowds of visitors, still flowing out of the park! Once back to base camp, we packed up and made our way back to our respective homes.

Another great event to help raise funds for the
Alexander Devine Children's Hospice service.

Lee (club) had also sorted out a commemorative event patch for those attending.
This will at some point be stitched onto my fleece.
We also received a commemorative Lego brick, engraved with 'Star Wars' & '2018'
This I cna add to last years red one.


BIG thanks to all those people behind the scenes who helped put this event together. So often they get over looked...!
Also to our spotters, these guys help keep an eye on the droids when we try to stay not so obvious, more for not spoiling things for the younger fans.
Thanks guys :)

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