Scanning Crew Container - Transmitter Storage Box

This page is to show off the 'Scanning Crew' style container box I made to store my RC Transmitter in. I could of bought a case for it, but I always wanted to build a container box like this one as a 1:1 scale prop. But trying to take it and R5-D4 in the back of my car would of been not possible, so decided that this would be the next best thing.

To keep weight down, but still have strength, I've used 6mm MDF wood, internal baton's, with a 9mm lid. Screws were countersunk and covered with wood filler.

Handles were old ones I found, originally from Maplins for speaker cases [years old]. These were bolted in place, nuts & washers.

'Found' feet pads screwed into the internal baton's.

Wood was sealed using watered down PVA glue. This stops the wood absorbing the spray and gives a better finish. Container was then grey primered and then I used Plastikote's metallic blue spray paint, the same as I used on R5's blue parts.

Internal foam, sourced off eBay.

Scanning crew container prop

Scanning crew container prop

Scanning crewScanning crew container

First coat of metallic blue.
Container sprayed up with feet and handles re-fitted.

Here's R5 & case @Collectormania22 [2015]


  1. Update: the internal foam was modified to accept the transmitter, now with the 12 channel remote, which is now attached to its side. I also fitted a container to hold AA batteries etc.

  2. Wow that looks amazing :D