MCM Birmingham - November 24th (weekend) 2018

It's one of the clubs biggest attended events,
with 15 club members & droids signed up for the weekend.

Really looking forward to this!
There wil be plenty of different Astromech droids to see,
plus one or two non astromechs,
chat to the builders and ask us questions,
as well as optertunities to have photos.

Myself & R5 will only be attending Saturday.


'JamesR5astromech' Etsy shop - first sale

First patch sale on Etsy this week!

It's had a few likes, but my first customer is an R5 fan
who plans on wearing my patch on a custom jacket
to Star Wars Celebration in 2019.


MCM London - October 27 - Report (..........at last)

What a day!

Awake at 4:30am! Out the door and transport away by 5am. Pick up Jamie en-route, just off the M4 motorway and arrived in plenty of time........

Well, that was the plan.....alarm set wrong PM not AM, I woke up at 6am and then it was a dash to pick up Jamie and on up to London.

Unloaded the car & met Sam, drove R5 to the lifts & up to the arena. Lee (P6B-LT2) was a surprise attendance as he was available & Simon (R2-FETT) were there. Simon was off else where so we didn't get many/any photo's of his droid.

Early door's opened and the event was crowded then till about 3pm, when it seemed to thin out a bit.
P6B-LT2 (track droid from 'Solo') R2-SHP & R5-D4(left to right)

For once, we didn't have an R2-D2 unit in attendance, though that did mean the rest of the droids got some attention lol.

The 501st display was right next to one of the stages for talks, so we were always swamped by people queing up and then leaving after each talk.
The kid who does cosplay (family) were there.
Have seen them at events but not able to catch up with them.
Managed to get a photo for Rogue One.
Other costumed people I was able to get a photo of with R5 were:
Qi'ra - Solo a Star Wars Story

A Rebel Pilot

The Tardis Dr Who
The Tardis

Dr Who, Jodi Whittaker
Dr Who
We did manage to have a lunch break & ice cream too. The rest of the afternoon was a bit quieter and a bit more available time to take photos. Not that it looks quieter in these pictures lol.

There were loads of cosplayer's as well as general public in non cosplay outfits. Loads of stalls, brands, other displays to see. We did get to walk round once, and with both halls open, it is a massive complex!

The event eventually closed up just before 7pm, which was when we were able to pack up the droids & for me & Jamie, start our long drive home. Another fun day with Lee, Sam & Jamie, lots of laughs & chat's bout droid stuff lol

Next event is
MCM Birmingham, Saturday 24th November.
This will be a BIG one for the club, with 15 builders, with a minimum of 15 droids, some  builders may be bringing two droids! Only three of us only attending on the Saturday, the rest will be there both day.

Event's requests are already coming in for 2019 to the club,
so a lot to look forward to attending.


Solo - A Star Wars Story - Cinema posters

Whilst at Optimus the other week, just before we left, I spotted a stall selling off cinema posters, I thought I'd have a quick look, just on the off chance of any Star Wars ones....

Picked up one The Last Jedi, whic was just the logo, bit basic, but hay.
The other three tho were the UK version's of Solo!

Just need to find a frame for it next.


3D printed Y spliter for smoke system

As something to try out, I drew up and designed a Y- splitter for connecting up more tube that I have for R5's smoke system.

This was my second design after trying to design a more complex one, which wasn't a very good idea lol.
section view 
solid view

I uploaded it to my Thingiverse account on Friday, just to share. I went on this morning to find it had been viewed 122 times & downloaded 117.

Details can be found via the link above.The single inlet hole was a bit tight, on the second version I printed. As on the first one I forced the tube into the inlet hole, before it had fully cooled, opening up the bore more for the tube.

The idea behind this is to possibly distribute the smoke more out of different area's of R5.

Optimus Comic Con - Bristol (UK) - Saturday 20th October 2018 - Review

For once, not an early start, only 20 minutes to reach into town & to Templemeads Train Station. The Passenger Shed is on the approach incline leading up to the station itself.

We had a change of floor plan on arrival.
We joined two other 'Star Wars' display's in the centre area of the hall. This was better as there was a lot more space for us all.

Early doors opened and the hall filled up with lots of people. There was a lot to see as well as stall's and guests. The droids were in demand with people wanting photos of the and also the Emperors chair, belonging to Carbonite Cosplay Props.

As per usual, getting around at these events is usually limited, due to people wanting to see the droids in one place. We did have a C-3PO standiee & also a Kenny Baker.

These guys came with a Chopper, that was outside having photo's taken.

We lined the droids up as people were wanting group shots, this made things a bit easier too.
uk r2d2 builders club
And here's the photographer....

Some more group shots...
uk r2d2 builders club

Size comparrison of R2-XL & R2-D2.

Paul Warren popped over to see us and had a quick catch-up chat.
I wasn't there at the time, but was told he'd asked to have his picture taken with R5!

Finally we had our photos taken with the Emperors chair.
uk r2d2 builders club
photo credit goes to DC Photo's for this one, he can be found on Facebook.

Another well attended event, and a plus for it being local lol.
After packing up and loading R5 into the car. I popped back in to have a quick look around whilst everyone was clearing up. I spied a few movie posters that were actually ones displayed in cinemas. So I grabbed a few.
Three picture 'Solo - a Star Wars Story' ones and a plain 'The Last Jedi' one.
Similar to this picture, except mine have the actual release date on them.

Next event is London's MCM Comic Con


MCM London - October 27

This Saturday's event

(link above)

The event's on all weekend,but I'm only able to attend on Saturday.
I'll be joining Sam & Simon with there droids, R2-SHP/LE5 & R2-FETT.
With droid support from Jamie.


Birthday Wishes to my Son

Today marks my Sons 14th Birthday.
He's still as excited about R5 and his adventures as he was when he first asked me 'can you make an R5 Daddy!?!?!' all those years ago.

This is one of the most memorable pictures taken back in 2016 at Celebration Europe. It's an old one, but it checks out!' lol