R5's outer feet, Ankle Lock, upgrade - 1.1

Yesterday morning in work I cut to size, filed an angle and drilled a hole in the first ankle locking strip.

This is how the outer feet looked before, here with front caster.
I wanted to keep the area of support as large as possible, hence keeping the motor wheel at the back. This had recently been talked about with other club members. As R5's dome is larger height wise, than an R2 unit, his centre of gravity come's into play.

I then positioned it and marked where the hole will go in the channel of the internal metal foot. Then it was a case of cleaning up edges and fitting all back onto R5. The moment of truth....part 1.....

 Look, no front caster.....magic..... lol

R5D4, Star Wars
 Rear shot.....

R5D4, Star Wars
The nice large M10 cap head bolt holding it all together.....

The locking strip has some spring in it which I'm hoping will make things not so rigid.
I need to sort out painting up the strip to better 'blend in' with the leg, but that's once it's all done and tested.


R5's outer feet, Ankle Lock, upgrade [& new centre foot wheel]...... 1.0

R5's outer feet were built, as most peoples are, to spec, well mine were as close as lol.

With a single motor wheel and caster at front to ballance, the wheel/foot assembly, then requires ankle locks to help stop the front caster from tipping the foot (due to its diameter being smaller and often 'digging in' where a larger diameter wheel is be able roll across a hole/gap). With how my outer feet and internal frame work is the locks are not the greatest, well, they're ok flat smooth surfaces, but anything slightly uneven and the 'panic stations mode' is flipped!

So the plan is to change his internal feet to better support driving him, real world situations, hopefully, reducing the worry of him tripping over.

Recent event's have confirmed that the casters are definitely the week point on any surface other than flat & smooth! So am drawing up some ideas on how best to fully lock the feet, whilst trying to keep things atheistically pleasing to the eye.

With R5 putting his [outer] feet up, I needed to replace his centre foot wheel. This may also need a future upgrade, but for now, just a new wheel was needed. The size I wanted I could only find at the original place I had got the first one from, B&Q!
R5D4, Star Wars

The original one has worn down and although a harder compound wheel would be more suitable, the size to fit in is the limiting factor. I am looking into similar sized scooter wheels as they're material is harder, so won't wear out as much! [W.I.P.]

Spent bout 45 mins, looking for suitable size/thickness wood, figuring out how to best fit it..... When I found some metal strips that would be perfect. So bent one to the angle required and then marked for cutting.

I found a pair of M10 cap head bolts that should do the job of holding the angles in place. I just need some nylock nuts.


R5-D4's transport platform 1.5 - UPGRADE

Saturday, I got to finishing off some things that needed doing to the platform to make it actually fully useable lol. As it was, there was no where to mount his centre leg and also he wasn't securely stable if platform was moved.

Original location bolt holes for the stand were no good once the car ankle stabiliser stands were used on the platform. So I made and fitted two location pins for the stand. These are just to help stop things moving around.

Platform now fitted with location pins for stand

The batteries can be stored under the stand.
The foot/ankle stands also fit on the platform. These may also get location pins, but as the whole lot gets strapped down, they may not be needed. 

In the previous pictures, you can see the new 'slot' to the rear of the platform, between his legs. This is where his centre leg 'slots' into place.
R5 fully installed on his transport platform. Just need to add some location points for the battery boxes to secure them and also some storage for transit bolts and tools.

I'm considering installing some sort of push bar to be fitted to the base, rather than have hand's on his shoulders.....

His head will be fitted onto his body, it is now for storage purposes.


Motivator Pie hole - internal wall's upgrade

The internal walls of the motivator pie hole need some work done on them. So cut up some circuit board and shaped them a bit. Keeping it simple, the boards are flat with low flat chips on them. Then sprayed them up with grey primer. I added some holes and fed some thin wires through. These were glued in place with a few then being cut. I added these after the primer to retain the wire colours. I then sprayed some black over them. The can I used was old and rather than give a nice fine mist, it spat the paint out. Wasn't what I wanted, but actually, it's not that bad lol.

Next I painted the inside of the pie panels with grey paint, before glueing in the circuit boards. These had to be positioned so as to allow the motivator movement up and down. Once this had all dried, I got out some black pained and filled in between the circuit boards to darken the sides up and give it the burnt, smoke damaged look.
R5D4, bad motivator

R5D4, bad motivatorR5D4, bad motivator

Car transportation unit - Leg supports

After taking R5 to a few events now, I realise that he need's better restraints for the transporting in the rear of the car. Either new ankle leg locking stands or something.

R5 is too tall to go in through the rear hatch when in three leg mode, requiring outer feet and centre leg/foot assembly to be removed. I had made a 'stand' which fit's up inside his skirt [centre leg removed] and this is what he sit's on whilst in transport.

But even with him strapped down, he is still unstable going round corners. So new leg/ankle supports are a must. These can be bolted to the legs for support, using the original T-nuts.

So I dug out his original wood internal frames and started cutting these up to fit the new angle they need to be to sit level with the floor.


Now working on the second leg support.....


'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 2.0 [You-Tube]

So I was happy that the pop-up motivator system working, but not really with them ended both at the same time. As, well, in the film, after the smoke stops pouring out of R5,
his motivator is still in the UP position.

So I ordered another timer relay (that was delivered super quick) and wired this up to the motivator's actuator. With the intention of having different switch off times.

So the smoke and sound ends (once sound is wired up) and then after a while the motivator operation ends and drops back down. Sound sample was added to video for effect.


My R5-D4 makes the grade!!

When I started building R5-D4, it was for the 'challenge' of attempting to build him.

When he was standing, head-less, at his first event, it was a very 'nervous' moment. As he was next to some quality, working, droids!

R5 with a borrowed R3 clear dome, thanks to Ian [pic]

Then when it was his first moving event, I was stupid 'excited' [note the grin on face in pic below] about him participating with Giles & Ian!

R5D4, R2D2, R4D5

R5's not fully complete yet.....bout 99.5% lol, but representing the R2 Builders club at events, is something I take great pride in. He's still waiting on his sound link up for his bad motivator, but rolling around at events is a really good feeling,
bringing kids big & small the world of Star Wars to life :).

Yesterday, I received my club membership badge in the post.
This means a lot as a builder :).

Nice art work Colin! lol