R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.5

  • 3D printing
  • Woodwork
I changed the printer settings and this sped up the print time, meaning that I could get two & a half panels printed off in a day, with the half panel being finished for the morning lol.

These have been screwed into place and then using a soldering iron, 'welded' the joining panels together. (see previous post).


Next up: Something that had bugged me since installing them, were the 3D printed electronic panels. Although I had recessed the panel that they fit into, they still protruded out further than I liked. I originally hadn't done the following as I wasn't sure of the strength of the panel. Since adding the curved panels tho, they're own rear supports had increased the rigidity of this panel.

 So scored the edges and started to cut the panel out.

Panel out.

Next up was to cut some hardboard pieces to be PVA glued behind the opening.
This is so the electronic panel has a surface to sit against.

Didn't think it would look this good, but am now MUCH happier!

Next up is to touch up the edges & dirty up the electronic panels.


R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.4

I took the dome into work so that I could check that the new ring panels would best fit, where cut-outs would be required and where clearances would need to be. I missed the fact that the panels I had been printing were the wrong height.

This wasn't made apparent until I took the dome home to check for diameter clearance.

So I had to start re-printing the correct height ones. Due to the groove on the outside, I can't even modify the pieces already printed.

Here's the correct pieces fitted in place so far.

The connecting tab to help strengthen the two pieces.....this was the plan.....see below re: Gordon Tarpley 

Cut out for the supports

I follow Grodon Tarpley on You Tube, and on Instagram. He posted up the other day about using a soldering iron to melt/join PLA together.

So I did a test piece on two wrong height pieces and it worked. So I 'welded' the above pieces together. This has helped strengthen the thin lipped edge.

Welded the two parts together

I'm still printing off the other panels for the neck, whilst the printer is doing this, I can carry on with filing and sanding the ring.


UK R2D2 Builders Christmas Event 2017

This years event was held at a different/new location. Sam P,
arranged the event and was held in Camberley, Surrey.

Doors were open from 12 till 5 pm.

I took my two youngest along as they love seeing all the droids, plus it gives the wife a day's rest too.

There was a few planning on heading up from the South West region, Paul F, being one of them, followed me up.

We arrived just on mid-day and a few members were already there setting up. Sam had set up a live webcam for club friends to view online.

As well as a meet and greet day, it was also a chance to MOT new droids and re-test pre-MOT approved droids.

Lot's of questions and answers about builds, electronics, ideas etc were discussed throughout the day. Sam bought along his R2-Q5, Chopper built and new one in build progress, as well as a new R2 unit he is working on.

Checkout Sam's progress on his Instagram feed.

Here are some other pictures from the day.

Here's a You Tube link to the above & more droids.

After the MOT's were complete, it was almost the end of the day.
The kids needed more food, but not before the final droid collective photos.

Below pic was posted up on my Instagram 

We also had two 'special guest', Brad O (BHD) & James S, made an appearance!
Was great to see them both! Although their droid's didn't attend.

Almost forgot to fit the R4 dome on to show people lol, managed to remember....just and take some photos as well.

Just need to finish printing off the neck ring..... more on this soon.

Welcome 2018 - Club Event's for the year ahead!

New Year and with lots of events etc going on this year,
I'll be posting these up, even if I (R5) can't attend.

The BIG one tho is in August!

The UK R2 Builders Club will be hosting a 3 day event.
This is only for Club members & their families.

If your a member, you'll probably already of seen this on the forum/Facebook page.

I'm unable to attend this, which is a shame,
but have donated by purchasing the above patch.


Other event's will hopefully be LegoLand in May.

Other event's to follow....


R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.3

Progress update, just before I'm off work for the Christmas season.

Work done:
  • 3D printed the location brackets & magnet holder for the lid.
  • silver detailed the grooved panels.
Doesn't sound like much lol.
 Started hand painting the grooves on the dome and lid.

 The magnet holder above, a washer was arldited to the underside of the lid.

The printed location holder, one of two, screwed to the underside of the dome's top ring. The lid has two blocks that slot into these.

Set back with the metal ring fabrication......this is on hold for now, which hold's up me semi-completing the build. I still need to sort the electronics and power cables, so something to do over Xmas lol.

The UK R2D2 Builders Club are holding there annual Xmas get-together on the 28th December. Something else to look forward too.

So from me and R5, Merry Chirstmas 

UK R2 Builders - The Last Jedi @ Odeon IMAX 2017 - Event Report

Location: IMAX Odeon cinema, Milton Keynes
Groups:   UK R2D2 Builders Club & Joker Squad

An early start Saturday morning (R5 was already loaded up the night before). It was a crisp clear morning, stars were still out, no traffic on the motorway, tunes on the radio.... 😊

**This Event Report contains NO SPOILERS!!**

Arrived just after 9am (2 hour drive up), I met the others who were already unloaded & did the same. Then it was time for our viewing of The Last Jedi, in the IMAX screen. WOW!! I thought the film looked good when I saw it Thursday night with the kids, but the IMAX's depth of field, made the space scene's even more amazing!

Once out of the screening, we set up the droids to join the Joker Squad members who were trooping already. Just had time to say hi to fellow club member Stuart Bone, who was only able to attend for a few hours with his R2, but was good to see him out and about.

The rest of the day was then rolling around and having fun & photo's being taken.
 R5 & Matt's R2-D2

Just some of the Joker Squad group

Here more pictures, that were taken by fellow R2 Builder: Chris Williams.

The faces and the reactions speak for how great a time everyone had.

And here's a pics of some of us lol
Matt, Chris, Emma, Mike & Me.
Not in the pic's are Lee T & Adam S.

We all stopped for a sit down meal in TGI's, which was just next door, then back into the cinema for a last hour or so of fun, selfies, group pics and entertaining the visiting film go'ers.

We eventually finished up, loaded up and once Emma had cut the cake for Colin's birthday, we said our goodbyes and headed off home. Mine being the furthest, but as always, well worth it!

Checkout more pics of the event on Instagram using #astromech, #ukr2d2buildersclub #miltonkeynes as examples.

The combined efforts of the clubs,
we raised a grand total of £500!
For our chosen charity


UK R2 Builders - The Last Jedi @ Odeon IMAX 2017


Members of the UK R2D2 Builders Club will be in attendance
at the Milton Keynes

on Saturday December 16th 2017

This is our third outing at the cinema
and again we'll be joining up with Joker Squad.

With 8 builders attending, this should be an extra special day for
visitors to the cinema on the day.

James R5-D4 Instagram link 👍


The Last Jedi - tonight's film


Been waiting to see this and now it's here. I've only seen the first trailer and have avoided speculation etc as to how the film's story line goes. Toys and other pictures aside, I know nothing beyond what has been shown.

With all the recent Premier event's, that friends have attended (with & without R2-D2's), am really looking forward to tonight's 7:15pm (GMT) screening with my two hyped up kids lol.


Then on Saturday, myself & R5 will be joining other members of the Club for a day event at Milton Keynes Cinema, like last year's Rogue One film release. I'll be posting up pictures from there on my Instagram account & Twitter as well no doubt lol