R5-D4's Dome control system 1.1

Ordered my Dome motor the other week.
Along with a BaneBots wheel and the adaptors, required to combine forces.

The motor I ordered from Maplins, the wheel and adaptor I ordered from Technobot
(low stock levels)
Spent a few hours working on how best to fit it.


R5-D4's Dome control system 1.0

After following the R2D2 build made by Victor Franco,
I decided that I'd copy this simple straight forward option
of controlling R5's dome (29.09.14)
A fellow UK Builder also has a similar design to control his R2 unit.

Already having some bits, this for me was a cheep alternative to buying the
SyRen 10 speed controller.

I liked the idea of the Perspex panel on the main control board,
so dug out a spare piece and got to work
on machining out a slot for the servo to fit into.
R5D4 Dome Control unit
Next was to cut up some smaller 'pads' for the switches to sit on and be bolted too.

More to follow.....


R5-D4 going into storage....Seasons Greetings

Unfortunately myself & R5 won't be able to attend this weekends planned event. So with no further events this year, he'll be getting ready to be stored away till the New Year and be ready for 2015's events.

Got a few things to work on though, dome motorisation, 'Bad Motivator' system, maybe even some sounds?!?!? So a lot of things to keep me busy.

So till then......

Christmas Wishes to you all.


** Timeless Collectors Event @ Fareham **

Members of the UK R2 Builders Club have been invited along to the
Timeless Collectors Fair
Saturday 6th December
@ Fareham Leisure Centre from 10am to 5pm.

R5-D4 & R2-D2
Click on this link to check out all they have planed for the day!


Outer feet - weight reduction 1.1

R5-D4 outer feetR5-D4 outer feet

Re-assembled all the components into the inner foot frame. I used loctite on the bolts that hold the motor in place. Then after locating the drive belt, re-fitted the rear wheel, along with its upgraded spacers and washers. Looks and feels so much better :-).
Lastly I fitted a black front caster. It needs to be lubricated as isn't very free moving.

Before assembling I did weigh the frame and it is slightly lighter..... lol :D

R5's outer feet casters were white and were only used as I had swapped them over from the the feet internals that allowed R5 to be pushed around on. This one has now been changed to a black one, need to buy another one, so I hope, they will not be as visible.


Drive wheel brass bush's upgrade work

On stripping down the feet internals, I noticed that there was some brass 'dust' residue on the bush's. On closer inspection I realised that I had not machine turned the diameters on the ends that make contact with the wheel bearing face and they were rubbing on the outer diameter face.

So in work, I machined both pairs down in size.


I needed to make up to new washers, as was easier than trying to modify them.
Old washer, far right of picture, for size comparison.

Fleet Air Arm Museum Sci-Fi event - 29th November 2014

Unfortunately R5 wont be able to attend this year,
but Giles with his R2-D2, Artoojayzero unit, will be joining Charity Sci-Fi at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, November 29th joining in with their Sci-Fi Day.
All things Science Fiction will be covered.
Check out the web site for more details of the days events.


Outer Foot No.2 - Bolt locking issues

This afternoon I removed the internal motor frame from the shell, with the intention of stripping it apart to carrying out the weight reduction process as for frame no.1, only to find it wouldn't come apart? On looking inside I found one of the motor bolts had come loose! I managed to get the internal frame out and found that the other two bolts were loose.these do have barbed locking washers, but I think I may have to apply some loctite thread lock!