October 04, 2022

Throwback two years - A Cup of Tea with Sam & Lee [2020]

This notification pinged up on my phone this morning, reminding me that it's two years since I was visited by ..... no, not the ghost's of Christmas past 😆😆😆 lol....... but by Sam & Lee.

We got to talk about droid building of R5, projects, future builds, events etc and also the South West accent 😄 lol

Check out the interview link here >>>

For the actual interview,
fast forward to the 08.00 minute mark 😄

Once you've watched, then have a look at the other YouTube videos on the channel as there are past events & tutorials, featuring not only Sam & Lee, but Oliver, Giles and others!

Interested in joining and building your own droid, then checkout

September 27, 2022

Blog views hits 180k plus

 It’s always nice to see that people do actually use/see/read my Blog lol.

And today it tripped over the 180k hits!

Monthly figures have been down since Google+ ended 🙁 and I’ve not been on social media much since the beginning of 2020 (no instagram or Facebook), though I have been back on FB recently. Twitter is my only other outlet for letting the outside world know about updates, that and the few astromech forums I’m on.

I do write articles/event reports that as well as my Blog, get uploaded to www.droidbuilders.uk though there’s no link back to my Blog.

Well, there’s more Blog posts to come, future events, 3D printing, droid building etc. so stay up-to date by ‘following’.
So a big thanks to everyone.

September 23, 2022

Remote control wristbands - stl files


Eventually got round to uploading these two versions of the remote control wristbands to my Prusa account.

ebay link to version 2's remote control [no affiliation with this buyer]

Transmitter modification - remote for the TCD

As much as I luved my wrist strapped remote control unit <Blog link, for activating R5's trading card dispenser, it is not so easy to operate, whilst holding the transmitter.

It's even harder to remember which on activates the TCD and which one fires the Bad Motivator system lol.
I originally went with a simple clip attachment <-Blog link, to the transmitter for the remote to clip into.

These both worked fine and the files can be found on my Prusa account page.
(The watch remote's are not presently up, but will be soon.)

So after some thought and tinkering, I found a momentary switch and tested it on the remotes contacts to check that a remote switch WOULD still work lol. Two dabs of solder onto the contacts and the remotes remote switch was on. Next up was the LED, again, having it show that I HAD actually pressed the button, I wanted an indicator. A quick test with the contacts of an LED onto the contacts of the board mounted on, showed that it lit up. Two more dabs of solder and we were in business.

I positioned the LED next to the Utility arm's switch. Both these were secured in place with hot glue.

Above picture: the switch is just below it. The momentary switch was positioned a bit further down due to space, but it's still in a good place to press, without loosening your grip on the transmitter.

Front view of LED and new momentary switch.

Then came the really tricky part lol, finding a position to locate the actual remote's board. I covered exposed contacts with electrical tape, before placing the remote's board inside. I then applied more tape over it to secure it. I did think of securing with hot glue but decided not to.

Just need to test it next....

Yep, it lights up lol.

September 18, 2022

Wedding Ring Utility unit...... (box)

I thought it would be a cool idea to have a box that would open up via remote control, via the transmitter. A nano servo was to be installed that could then be plugged in, to switch from utility arm activation, to opening the lid.

Started working on this idea, [the offset of the inner box, was space for the lid opening arm], but then Mike reminded me he doesn’t have utility arm activation…..so I shelved this idea and carried on with #3dprinting the parts.

Three boxes later (slight variations), I had what I needed……I then added some rings to the front…..and a lid tab to manually open the lid.

I sanded and then applied filler primer, more sanding and repeat. I bought some A4 size sheets of felt and some larger sheets of thin mat, and a spray can of white paint, and a gold coloured pen.

Once the box and lid were painted and had dried. I lined the box with the felt, blue, and also applied some to the inside of the lid. Original idea was just this, but then I thought about a ‘cushion’ for the rings to sit on.

Next I cut and shaped the thin mat to be the ring bed. I then added two locations for the rings to sit on, to help keep them secure.
I added some of the felt to the curved rear of the box where it would be in contact with the droid, to protect its paint work.

Finally I used the gold pen to paint the boxes front design.

Internal lined with felt material and a foam cushion

Rear felt patch to protect the Astromech's paint finish

As most requests are for an R2-D2 unit, I choose blue as the main colour. I did get some red, if ever anyone wanted R5 to do the honours.

Wedding event: 1st one

September 17th was a special day. It was mine and Mike’s first time attending a wedding celebration.

Mike with his R2-D2 & me with R5.

The event was in Clevedon, and the sunshine was out.

Our attendance wasn’t a surprise for the couple but was for their guests lol.

The ring box was attached to Mike’s R2. His utility arms don’t open, but I thought I’d still be able to attach the strap…. Managed to after a few attempts, need to incorporate a multiple choice for future attachments.

Rather than struggle with doors, steps etc, the droids were positioned at the sides of the isle at the rear.

The rings had been placed inside the box, and when invited by the registrar, R2 rolled down the isle to deliver them. After the rings were removed, he then returned to his original position and waited till the end of the ceremony.

Afterwards, the droids escorted the wedded couple and guests, outside into the sunshine for photos etc.

We stayed for an hour outside before making a move to leave.

We had a great time and so did the wedding guests.

……thanks Mike 😂, it’s a glamorous job 😂

September 14, 2022

Servo Tester + voltage regulator…..box

Not like I don’t already have enough to do, I decided I wanted a housing for my servo tester and it’s voltage regulator. I’ve had these connected up for years now, but really wanted to have them in something.

I use it on my 12v work bench power supply, but also with a mini 12v battery when at events etc.

So after measuring the two up and after three test prints, I finally (99%) completed this enclosure. I even added a button for the micro switch.

The latest version (not in the pictures) has the servo identification icons on it [s+-] for correct orientation for the plugs.

This is the version that’s up on my Prusa account.

Click on the above link for the files 😎👍🏽

September 04, 2022

Event Report: Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre - Falcon Fun Day

Early start, Mike picked me up at 7am, for the 2 1/2 hour drive over to Pembroke Dock's. A long drive, but chatting and catching up on recent events, made the time fly.

We arrived around 9:30am'ish. Introduction’s with members of the 501st Welsh Garrison & member’s of the heritage centre. Before we unloaded the droids from Mike’s van and wheeled them up the ramp. The outside area is cobblestone’s so we decided best to keep the droids inside lol on the carpeted floor.

The centre is not very big, but pack’s a lot inside, including a cafeteria. Outside where stalls and food as well as music DJ.

We were able to view the main attraction, the Millennium Falcon exhibit, before the event opened. A lot of images I’ve not seen before as well as video footage and a modified model version of the Millennium Falcon showing half completed, half as framework with wooden skin, as would of been in its full scale assembly.

Click on above image for a short YouTube video.

Photos from the day:

Other pictures of the day:

Mike said to someone they should ask for my autograph 😂……. As I was getting mistaken for Lee T, who was on the background video we had playing.

This was the que lol….. 

A future builder joined us on the day and tock these following images of the droids.
DJSS photography
(Find them on Facebook)

Thanks D, these are great.

There was lots to keep people busy, inside and out. The weather was amazing, warm and sunny. The people great and didn’t mind my long winded answers to their questions about the droids etc lol.

The event finished at 4pm and it didn’t take long to pack up. Another chat with everyone working, they kind of expected it to be busy, but were surprised by just how MANY people turned up!!

Another great event supported.
Thanks to everyone who attended as well as the boys from the Welsh garrison, it was HOT for them. And finally a big thanks to our hosts at the Heritage Centre.

*** UPDATE ***
We made the local news:

September 03, 2022

Upcoming Pin Badge.....postponed

Before I went on holiday, I had been looking (again) at having enamel R5 pin badges made. But cost is something that has and at present is still a restriction. I thought I had found a suitable alternative to an enamel version……

But ………..on my return, and inspecting them, I found them to be less impressive than I was expecting ☹️☹️☹️