Birmingham MCM Comic Con - Saturday 23rd March 2019

My first event of the year & it's a big one lol.

This months event is being hosted in hall's 10, 11 & 12,
with us (UK R2D2 Builders Club) joining the UK Garrison in hall 12.
MCM Birmingham
Event map.

Link to more info at Brimingham's NEC

We have 14 club members in attendance over the weekend,
to be able to answer your droid quiestions.

(though myself & R5 are only able to attend Saturday)

There should be about 10 dorids,
though this may vary on if some bring more than one lol
UK R2D2 Builders Club, MCM Birmingham, droids
Group picture of last Novembers MCM event.
UK R2D2 Builders Club

New display boards - Futaba & R4-D4 dome

Just one of the many little things I've been meaning to do
is create some display boards.

A brief discription about the Futaba transmitter,
the type used to control R5-D4 in the original scene,
seen below in this picture.

Next display board is for my R4 dome I made.
This has a brief discription about how I made it.
Documented with photo's from the build and a
QR scanable code for a link to the begining of the build.
R4-D4, astromech, droid

Here's the QR code if not viewable on the above picture.
QR code, R4-D4, dome, wood built, astromech, droid

Hopefully this will help visitors to our table explain
how we build these domes in a bit more detail.
I'll be taking both of these along
to the Birmingham NEC this weekend,


More R5-D4 stickers

Ordered a new batch of R5-D4 stickers from 'The Sticker App' website.
R5-D4, sticker

Stickers are available via my Etsy page

Hopefully these should arrive before this weekends


Whilst reading this news artical the other day, and scrolling to the end,
look who get's 'displayed' in the Droid Depot image.....an R5 unit with a BB-8 unit.

R5-D4, Droid Depot, Disneyland, Galaxy's Edge

R5's are not been shown much as being one of the droids you can buy, so here's hoping he's actually available.
Droid Depot, Disneyland, Galaxy's Edge

For the full story, click on this link below:


Birmingham MCM Comic Con - March 2019

The Club will be attending this event over the whole weekend,
with droids attending either both or one or the other day,
Saturday or Sunday, in my and R5's case,
we'll be there on the Saturday only

The UK R2D2 Builders Club
Last Novembers group photo
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Lee Towersey - DeAgostini's R2-D2 & Meningitis Now

Lee Towersey is fundraising for Meningitis Now,
with this DeAgustini R2-D2.

As you can see, it was built by himself
and expertly 'painted & weathered' by Henrick.
Both have worked on the Star Wars movies since
The Force Awakens in the CFX Department.
Check out Lee's twitter here.

And the link to the JustGiving page for your chance to win this awesome R2-D2

All for a good cause.......


'JamesR5astromech' Etsy shop - March 2019

James' R5-D4 patches - available on Etsy

Stock take the weekend and I only have just over
90 patches left.

I advertise 10 for sale at a time on my page.
I take some while attending events in case someone wants to buy one.

The majority of the patches have been sent to the USA,
Europe & here in the UK.

Patches are still £5.00

Worldwide postage (per patch) is just £2.00
(UK postage per patch is just £1.00)

I also have stickers, which I will continue to get made after all the patches are sold.

These are a limited patch!
Designed and made as I just wanted to create an R5D4 patch.

Once there gone there gone!

James' R5-D4 patches via Etsy (click for link)


Meningitis Now - Joanna (R2-JY)

Meningitis Now - Joanna's story

This story, which is close to our club members, went up online last week. Please read and share to help support, thanks.

Click the link below for Joanna's story...

To loose someone is hard enough, but to loose a child.....😢

 Mengitis Now website link