August 11, 2022

Event Report: Newport Comic-Con

Another great time had by us all and from the video and photo's, the general public as well.

Link to my YouTube Channel:

The sun was out and it was going to be a hot day outside at least. Inside was well temperature maintained.
The droids lined up.

This event and others around the country, was run by Monopoly Events.

Early entry doors opened at 8:30am, hence why we had to be there early lol. The queue was massive [see video]! Our location was just off the main entrance foyer on tiled floor. The main area's have carpet and for the heavier droids this wasn't good for performance 😖
The display table.
Pauls R2 & my R5
Oliver brought R2KT
Mike’s droid no1……
Awesome 3D printed Buzz costume

Mr Terry Cooper arrived as MARVIN, from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
As per, I had been following Terry’s progress over the months of hard work, and the results speak for themselves.

MARVIN won first place in the cosplay competition!!
Checkout ‘Terry on Tuesday’ video of his day on stage with
THE John Cena.

There were three entrance time slots, and as can be seen in the video of the day, the venue was busy but not crowded. Plenty of space for people to mingle without getting in peoples way for photos etc.

We got to chat with lots of people interested in the droids, asking how they were built etc. and entertained kids big and small. Had a few run-ins with Dalek’s lol but nothing we couldn’t handle. I took a few photo's but mostly video, so check it out below link

I will in future pack food lol as although there are a few cafes, come lunchtime/afternoon they had queues as long as the entrance ones and the others had sold out of food. We all had a great time though and look forward to the next one, hopefully with more droids.

Prusa Printables - Control Display Panels

Back in June, I posted up about the 3D printed panels I'd drawn and printed, see below's backlite test piece.

These are now uploaded to my Prusa page [free downloads].

Rear display screen

Here's the link to my Prusa page.

August 08, 2022

R5-D4 Patch's via Etsy: soon to be discontinued


With limited numbers of R5's patch remaining
& also the level of interest now dropping off,
I've decided to discontinue offering these on
I'll be away soon, so the shop will be closed for two weeks, and then re-opened for a week. I will then remove the patch/sticker from my shop.

Just wanted to say a BIG thanks to all those who have purchased these patches, it was a fun design project for me to create them and I hope you have enjoyed, displaying it and or wearing it.

August 01, 2022

Newport Comic-Con 6th August 2022


click above logo for event's website

Members will be attending on Saturday only with our droids.
We will be joined by THE.... Oliver Steeples from
'The Force Awakens'
(subject to availability)


Monday 8th August 2022: UPDATE
Event video of the day can now be found on

July 14, 2022

Solo - a Star Wars story - Irradiator Illumination Bank 3D printing Part 6


Update on this project:

June 24th 2022
I decided to attempt to 3D print the main light panel..... and then realised that it wouldn't print as the diameter was JUST larger than the print bed. Also even halving the height, it was too tall. So I had to section it up into six sections.....which then needed to be sectioned up more and repositioned so that the orientation of the layer lines would add strength etc.

The lower base section was printed in two half's.....easy.

After a few failed prints, I managed to get them printing right. The middle sections seen, in following picture, were printed in a horizontal position, for strength but also to reduce support material usage. This had some more print failures, mainly due to supports not being in the right place, so it lost its strength and the print layers shifted.

Hence the missing piece in below picture.

As per, an assembly test fit HAD to be done.....

The top sections, were printed, but one of the replacement legs still failed, so that one will need to be reprinted. Following picture showing the top section [rear].

The failed leg can be seen, middle/right, horizontally on the bed.

Test fitting before leaving work. The assembly ring can be seen halfway up the body.

I got home and made a start on fixing the extra supports (legs). One was a few millimetres to short, typing, so after gluing one end in place, I got out my soldering iron and started melting plastic into the gap. I then went over all the joins melting them together. This made such a difference in rigidity!

Before I left work, I set the printer printing structural rings for the thinner legs as supports. I included a relief to allow opaque windows to be added.

I also found some light fitting threaded rod’s that I can use to hold the whole unit together. I had this as my original idea before rethinking it……now I can possibly reintroduce the idea. Designed up a brace to connect with the structural rings.

The rod passes through the middle. Into the base plate, which I cut out of wood.

Started installing LED’s into the base unit.
The LED's are secured through holes drilled in the recess. I then cut a piece of opaque plastic to help diffuse the light. I then covered with a thin 'mesh' that was actually the raft off a 3D print.

Added some more details…..
Yes, that's part of a hard drives motor wheel, recessed inside. More 'mesh' added.

1st July 2022
Drew up a locking plate which will fix inside the upper part and secure with a contained nut. I printed this in two half's, so I could get the correct distance from the nut onto the threaded rod. There is a raised tab that fits into two of the four recesses and the whole plate was then glued into place.

The retaining nut thread can just be see in the above picture.

This all works, so now it’s just finding suitable material for the light panels….

…..another project has kinda landed on me (& two other SW Builders) so last few weeks I’ve been thinking, designing, planning up how to build it.
It has to be:
  • lightweight
  • not expensive
  • simple to assemble/disassemble
  • easily storable
I’ll post up progress pics as I go but for now this is as much as I can say.

July 06, 2022

Event Report: M-shed Bristol: 3rd July 2022

What a day!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Thanks to everyone who came along, passed by and popped in to see the Droids and being so generous with donations towards supporting Motor Neurone Disease association charity.

More on the total raised at the end of the post.

**UPDATE: video now up on my YouTube channel **

Sunday 3rd July 2022
Early start 7:30am arrival to unload R5 & to finish helping get everything ready. Extra banner’s out, gazebo out (two spots of rain all day), but helped, as Mr Sunshine came out and stayed out. So shade for the MK Garrison’s stormtroopers, Jawa’s & Hera Syndulla 🤩👍🏽 patrolling outside.

Fellow club members started arriving but some were delayed due to traffic problems on the motorways.

The sliding main shed door was already open before 10am and passing people started to come in lol. Should of had Paul’s portable barriers across.

The ‘shed’ itself was kindly offered to us to use. The flooring is in pretty good condition for its age and use. The droids didn’t have any problems driving around.

Bristol’s harbour side/waterfront has grown over the years and is a busy but not crowded area for walks around the ‘basin’. The Mathew and the SS Great Britain being just two of the famous attractions. The area has also seen new housing and food places. Other water activities take place, so the area is very popular and the passing soon found another attraction……Droids!

R2-XL drew lots of attention and photos and donations for the charity. Mark was busy ALL day, helping kids, adults and even a dog??? into R2-XL.

PodPad Studios arrived with there three droids, Emmy, Zoe and Steampunk Astromech’s.

TRamp arrived with his two mini Astromech’s R2-KT & R2-D2, as well as his selection of prop weapons.

Giles arrived with the Bespin display, to add to the Tatooine backdrop.

Oliver brought down R2-KT.

We had Pit droids, B1 battle droid, K-2SO, and more, plus all the Astromech’s.

But Nik’s L0-LA droid, stole everyone’s attention and hearts.

I carried out five Droid MOT’s renewals, so covered for another years PLI. Oliver actioned mine for R5.

Big thanks to Helen & Sara for collecting, helping, and general fun 🤩.

We had two photographers on site, one being Mike’s brother, check out his videos he created for our YouTube link: Bristol Gallery shopping centre and also the advertising video for this event.

Event video coming soon……

Had a surprise visit by my Brother and my niece ☺️ ❤️ and of course photos 😂👍🏽

Then I had another surprise, my eldest daughter (& boyfriend 😎👍🏽) turning up ☺️. He’d heard about R5, but hadn’t actually got to see him properly in person at an event. Photos again of course ☺️👍🏽.

Lots more familiar faces all wanting to say hi……to R5 😂👍🏽

The weather warmed up a lot come the afternoon and even more people took an interest in what was going on.

Matt from Fantatracks dropped by 😎

Matt & Oliver.

Other members who made the journey from up and down the country, Amanda, Marine, Emma, Chris, Matt, Nik, Jamie, Oliver, Giles, Nik, Steve plus a few more lol
All bringing something to add to a great day! These people and others MAKE this club what it is and what it’s capable of achieving. I’m very proud to know them.

Right, enough of the emotional stuff….. more photos….

Group Droid’s photo

And group photo of Droids and their builders.

Final notes:
Sunday was two top guy’s birthday’s, Lee T & Glynn’s. Wishing them Happy Birthdays, unfortunately they weren’t able to attend.

There was only one fan who turned up for the LEE.T club 😂

Mike counted up the collection and the grand total was GBP £723.75