UK R2D2 Builders Christmas Event 2016

I hadn't been able to attend this Christmas Event in previous years, but this year would be the first of many to come! Lol, two things more important than Christmas, were Rogue One & this builders day :D

My two youngest came along and enjoyed the day, and like myself, meeting new fellow builders & the 'Usual Suspects' builders too lol. We arrived about 2PM, driving up with fellow Bristol builder, Paul Felski, who followed.

The event also doubles as an inspection of the droids, for safety at events. Control and stability of these is very important!

There was food layed on and a Death Star, two flavoured cake, thanks Emma!

The last time there were this many astromech's in one place, I'd say, would of been Celebration.
My daughter, was NOT operating R2's dome lol, but a toy BB-8


Sail Barge R2

Just some of the droids.
Then we had the group photo....
UK R2 Builders Club

Another great day, that flew by. Looking forward to attending events in 2017

Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 2.0

Helmet gets the chop!
x-wing helmet

I really wasn't happy with the size. I know, I know this should of been sorted at the start, but I had hope things would work out.....

So after some thought, I marked out some cut lines and then used a saw blade and my Dremel cutter, to cut off the cheek/ear sections.

As my daughter was tucked up in bed asleep, I had to wait till the next evening to measure her head and test fit the separate pieces on her. I just hope this plan works and can salvage what I've made so far!

So the next evening, I dug out some foam and with some help from her brother, we managed to better fit the helmet cheek sections to the size of her head. I then measured the remaining gaps, height & width's to be able to cut & eventually, fibre-glass all the parts back together like a jigsaw.

Well, here's the start...

Measurements at the ready.

Additional cut lines for the dome section.

And then test fitting of the sides and the new cut down front dome section.
 Front view

Rear view
Feeling a lot more positive about how this 'rebuild' is going. This is ALL guess work regarding cut lines etc, tho so far so good lol.

2017 - New Year

Happy New Year

Bit late, but have been busy over the Christmas/New Year period with the family.
Didn't have any free time to work on any of my projects, but have a few posts that needed posting, due up next.

Lots of event's to hopefully look forward to this year, if not with R5, then with the rest of the UK R2 Builders Club, so will post event's as and when.


December updates......Rogue One

Not posted up for a while, been busy working on and re-working Jessika Pava helmet.

Jessika Pava Helmet
It definitely needed to be smaller, which I posted up a while back, so have been re-working the size, fibreglassing, body fillering, sanding re filling ....repeat. The next plan is to go the cast route which I've been reading up on. You tube to the rescue lol, as i think this would be best. Wouldn't want anything to happen to the helmet and it be damaged.

Due to work issues, internet access has been restricted, and this was the only available free time I could update this blog, it will have to wait now till the new year.

Rogue One
WOW!!! I took the wife and kids to see the film on the Thursday (here in the UK) and we weren't disappointed!! It had everything a 'war' film should have plus it was Star Wars lol.
A lot of people have moaned about changes made, but personally i felt the film flowed and the continuity flowed though out. No spoilers, ill just say I wasn't disappointed and the kids enjoyed it too, which if kids get it, why can't adults ??? Lol.

Friday, was an early start and a long'ish drive to Milton Keynes, to meet up with fellow UK R2 Builders and Joker Squad. We were attending the iMax cinema's Rogue One day. Was great to catch up with everyone and raise cash for charity.
Will add updates and photos in the New Year.

There's another builders group day after Christmas to look forward too as well.

So for now, I'd like to wish everyone who follows this blog & has visited here a happy & Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Lots of good things to look forward to in 2017, so stay positive people :)

Im now on instagram also on Twitter and Facebook lol.


Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 1.9

Two steps forward, one step back :(
Thought I was getting somewhere, but had a few set backs on the build.

Found another weak point on the helmet. So had to chip off the filler and remove the paper. Then found there wasn't any fibreglass behind! One thing with using yellow paper is that it's not easy to see the difference.
x-wing helmet

So this needs fibre-glassing and then re-filling.

Next was the blast shield
Well, what a mess! The sides didn't take the right shape of the helmet, the main curve section moved when the fibreglass was setting and the recessed channel section didn't fit the helmet. This became more noticeable when test fitting.

Didn't take any photos as was to disappointed

So I cut off the side flats. Trimmed down the upper curved section as was too large and the recess channel more noticeable as a mis-alignment with the helmets. When lining this up the shield is lopsided. Am going to try to recover this...... But not happy with the wasted time, money & materials :(

But was STILL not happy.....hence no pictures.

Decided to carry on with working on the raised ear area crescent, as can just be seen in the above picture. Below, I made up some cardboard walls. I covered the cardboard with masking tape as this stops the filler sticking to it and leaves a smooth finish.

 Hole filled in as well on rear of helmet

Taking shape. Some sanding, shaping and then more filler in the gaps.

I also filled in some other areas.
 This rear area needed to be raised up to by symmetrical

More disappointing updates to come.....


Rogue One - UK tickets - got mine!

So Rogue One tickets went on sale here in the UK on Monday 21st.

I was up working Sunday night till 1am Monday morning, but I was to tired, so I decided to leave it till the morning when in work lol.

Why buy them soooooo early??

Well last year I left buying them for a few weeks as, 'there will be plenty of tickets left.....' Sorted out with my brother & best friend, about going......and then for the opening day (evening) the local cinema time slot was fully booked!! There was no way that I wanted my kids to miss out, so searched cinemas a bit further away and eventually managed to get tickets!

This worked out great in the end as loads of my kids friends had also (unbeknown to me) bought tickets for the same time slot :) win, win!

I'm also away on the Friday 16th for an event with fellow UK R2 Builders Club members, so I HAD to see the film on the Thursday night with them :)


Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 1.8 - Blast shield

The printed off template I had used for the blast shield, I wasn't 100% happy with. The shape didn't seem to match that of the helmet dome. I know this version was designed for use with matt, not cardboard tho. The sides are larger than they should be, just to add strength to the paper for when applying the fibre-glass matting.

I cut down the 'step' as looking at reference pics, it was to 'high'. Basically I just cut the distance in half.
x-wing helmet TFA

I plan to fibre-glass the ends first to then be able to fix the blast shield in place on the helmet. This will, I hope, help with being able to then apply fibre-glass matting to the blast shield to get the correct shape.
x-wing helmet

Got both ends glassed up and also the leading edge to help keep the shape.

Helmet & blast shield test fitting
x-wing helmet
Which gave the shield enough strength to be placed on the helmet to test it.

As you can see the helmet has received some marking up. This is to guide me later with filler, shape & also to dremel to create ridges etc.
x-wing helmet TFA

x-wing helmet TFA

More work hopefully over the weekend.....

Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit & Chest Box 1.6

Started on painting up the chest control box.

Used some sample cardboard and applied paint to see how best to apply. Used a brush which didn't do so good. So my daughter suggested the sponges :). Applied a few layers to build up the coverage of white, allowing it to dry between coats, without it soaking in to much and warping the card. I didn't use any special paints, just kids stuff.

Once dry, I mixed up some white & black to get a dark grey. This I then painted into the grooves.
I then dry brushed over the edges etc to get the worn look. Next up was mixing some white & blue to get a light blue for the two buttons.

I've almost finished the painting now. Mixed up some white and black to paint the grey switch's.
X-wing TFA chest box
X-wing TFA chest box, 95% painted

X-wing TFA chest box
just one more button to be painted
Just need to paint the central button silver.