R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.5

So it was back to re-designing the pivot arm and linkage points.

I first used a piece of cardboard to gauge the distance after I took photos of the gaps that the pivot arm would need to be extended by.

I then redrew these up in work on Inventor. I countersunk the nut so that it looked good lol, no other reason other than the length of the bolt. Both parts seen in picture one were then reprinted in 3D PLA filament.

Recessing the nut, just makes fitting easier. It's a push fit into the recess, so is help tight.

Next up is the electronics, electrical & the smoke system to be re-installed. This will be next week as this weekend I'll be at the NEC Birmingham.


MCM Birmingham Comic con - March 17th - 18th 2018

So this weekend members of the UK R2-D2 Builders Club,
will be attending.....

MCM Birmingham Comic con - March 17th - 18th 2018

Well be joining up with the UK Garrison 501st, along with The Rebel Legion
on STAND 6100
next to the Comic Village

Some droids will be there for both days, others, like myself only for one of the two days.
I'll be attending with R5-D4 & bringing along my R4 dome on the Sunday.

There is so far about 13 dorid's attanding over the weekend!

Here's some from the last time I attended way back in 2015

Don't forget if you have your picture taken, and post on social, Instagram, to add at least one of these hashtags. And share your experience with others, big thanks

#R5D4 ......etc


R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.4

After printing out the actuator bracket re-design, I found out that I actually had less space than I thought and that the rear of the actuator was interfering with the inside of the dome, so not allowing it to sit in it's needed position.

Next problem was that in order to achieve clearance, I needed extra height (see pic above). Unfortunately tho, the longer version was TOO long (or high) for my mini desktop 3D printer.

So I had a thought and swapped the actuator bracket's location to the other side of the motivator opening. This meant a re-design, again, of the 'bell crank' component.

Am getting the hang of the clearances needed to make things a nice fit. I countersunk the hex hole for the lock nut into the component.

Well, the new position for the actuator fits, but is now at an angle that won't work.....

So looks like it's back to the drawing board (CAD) to look at another way to activate the motivator.


Next idea was to just mount the actuator directly below the IGUS slide to push/pull the motivator unit. But where to fix it tho. Idea was to mount the bracket to on of the internal wood frame supports.
So I drew up this bracket.
The next thing once this is fitted is to design up the linkage from the actuator to the IGUS slide.


R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.3

Ive had to do a few more re-designs on the motivator's activator bracket & pivot pieces. This is all new to me and although I sort of know the basics, a linear piston movement connected to a pivoting 'bell crank', didn't go the way I thought it would lol.

I decided to change the bracket for the pivoting bell crank, by making it a separate item. This means the actuator bracket can now be placed independently, maybe until I know where it should actual go lol

Downloaded the IGUS slide an assembled it onto the bracket. Along with nut, bolt and washer. Re-designed bell crank as well.

I found a supplier for the IGUS t-track and the price wasn't bad. I just now need to sort out the location bracket for the actuator.


R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.2

One of the thngs that bugged me was trying to solder the wires up inside the e-cig unit. It was never 100% successful with weak joints, dry joints etc.

So I looked into somehow modifying a pre-assembled unit and figuring how to get the air to flow though the unit. I found this unit on eBay (last year, for about £6) as part of my testing atomizer units.

I had been using these types of atomizers....
.....and I may still come back to these,
as they are easier to refill in the upright position.

But for this testing I'm using one of these.
I enlarged one of the holes in the base to allow are flow into the atomizer.
Then in AutoCAD Inventor, I drew up a collar for the plastic tubing to attach too.

And here it all is assembled. I tested it by blowing through the tube myself. It works, though I still need to fine tune it a bit more. The air flow felt restricted compared to original idea (see above picture No.2) But this may be because of the battery packs restrictively small cross cut out slots.

The battery pack (black plastic part) is not intended to be used, it's just for testing purposes.

R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.1

More redesign work has been done on getting the bracket into the right place, to allow the Motivator to sit low enough in the dome and also for the sliding track to be able to fit and slide as well.

I've also flipped the bracket's location to the other side of the pie hole.
Waaaaaaay back when I first made and fitted my motivator, the installation was just bolted onto an aluminium plate, with two M8 bolts holding the plate to the inside of the dome, via T-nuts.
 This was a test fit, before cutting out the rest of the Pie hole.

 The view of the aluminium plate from the inside of the dome.

The Motivator pop-up system was installed on one side so that there was room for the actuator bracket movement to have enough reach.
The plan is to do away with all this aluminium and make things simpler.

So after a few design and re-design ideas, length changes etc. I think I've now got the bracket right.... still a work in progress, but getting there.
Next is to re-design the actuator bracket and then the motivator adapter to connect it to the rail.


R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.0

R5's pop up 'Motivator' system, was deactivated last year for an 'event'. Although the linkage used to lift the motivator is sound, the riser bars were starting to seize up a bit, so making the up and down movement not so smooth. The electronics side also needs a tune up as well, so this will be worked on too.

So after doing some researching, I think I found some new components to upgrade the set-up.
  • I found a slide 'sample' unit in work from IGUS.
  • I also ordered a cheap bearing loaded kitchen draw rail.
I'll be drawing up some ideas in AutoCAD 3D Inventor (in work) for how best to work these into the dome. But out of the two options listed above, I'm going with the IGUS drylin T miniature guide carriage.

I also looked and was toying with a new DJ Design's 'updated' Motivator resin kit. As he states on his website, he has updated the motivator to look more screen accurate, which it does. He does state that it's still only an interpretation of what it looks like, but it does look close to screen grabs I've seen.

Here's some of the pics of the 3D work.
This was idea Mk1

This needed some refining and was a bit over kill, even with the 'weight savin' cut-outs lol, so this now looks a bit like this.
Idea Mk2

Am already working on a possible Mk3 version, but it's more a 'what if' idea than a change to this design.


Rogue One patch

My Rogue One patch arrived from the USA the other day, and I didn't waste any time sowing it onto my club fleece. I added to my left sleeve, underneath the club logo, as one unnamed patch 😉, is above this.

It was purched off Etsy,
price compared to Amazon saved me about £15!

Really glad I was able to get this patch.