Funko Pop Astromech: 3D Body progress

Yesterday I spent most of my free time drawing up the front panels, lower skirt with recesses.
The skirt recesses took ages as I had extruded it with angles, which caused me to struggle to then inverse 'emboss' the panel recesses. After a few attempts tho I got something that matched up with the original.

Next up then was the real fun part.....the panel details. I had to create a few different sketch layers in order to produce the recesses and then the protruding coin slots.

The Power coupling needed three sketch layers just for it alone. These tho I am hoping to be able to mirror to the rear of the model.
Funko Pop 3D

There's still a lot more to do, but it's really looking good to me so far.
Funko Pop 3D Body video
Created this short video of the panels being created.
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Throw Back Thursday - R4-D4's Holoprojector work

This weeks Throw Back Thursday post is back to 2018 and the start of my attempt at motorising and illuminating the holoprojector for R4's dome.

Links to the start of project.
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Funko Pop Astromech: 3D

So in my last post I said I’d uploaded the feet, battery box and leg version of R5’s Funko Pop Astromech to my Thingiverse page. I had made a start on creating the feet hoses ages ago......what a nightmare to try to recreate them!

But after several hours and then a version 2, I finished up as close as possible, a pair of feet hoses that  resemble the ones on the Pop droid.
Funko Pop Astromech droid R5D4

I think they still need some adjustments, but I have to also remember that these are very small so I shouldn’t beat myself up over going to fine on the details.

Once I’m happy with these i’ll upload to my Thingiverse page.

I wasn't planning on doing this but thought I'd make a start on the body. It is hollow, not solid like the other pieces.
Funko Pop Astromech droid R5D4

The colours are just to help see the build. Am please so far.......


Thingiverse - R5-D4 Astromech [Funko] ....the start

I started drawing this idea up back in January/February, but then got side tracked. I already owned the Funko Pop R5-D4, but was disappointed that they didn't release any more or even ones from the other Star Wars films. Rogue One, Solo or The Rise of Skywalker! So I decided that if you want something no one else has made, you just have to make it yourself lol.

Using my original for it's dimensions, I started to create a 3D version.
astromech, funko, droid

I started with a foot. This was fairly simple......not! But I got there in the end. I introduced a socket in the top, to allow the leg to push fit in and be glued securely. The handy thing about this that the feet are reversible, only requiring the hoses to be fitted and glued on.

The battery boxes are also reversible. These are just glued into place.

Next up was the legs. These have taken a bit longer to produce as the positioning of certain pieces to create the effect, had to be done in different orientations. Not easy when your CAD program is a Tech one not a creative one lol. Stop moaning and continue....

astromech, leg, Funko

And this is what they look like when assembled.

I've just finished the leg updates and have now posted these up on my Thingiverse page. If I get round to drawing up the body and head, I will add them to my page. My first one will be an R5 dome. And then possibly an R2 & R4 domes. If you have or are creating the body or domes for these other droid types, drop a comment below or via my Thingiverse page.
It would be great to combine forces!

The legs, feet & battery boxes can be found here.

Thingiverse - Futaba vintage transmitter stand


Back in 2018, I drew up a display stand for my Futaba M series vintage transmitter. It was one of the first things that I drew up so was basic but it did the job. After finding out that this model was used to operate R5-D4 & possibly the other droids on the set of A New Hope, I had to find out more about them. I was also fortune enough to get two (an M4 & M6) off eBay for a bargain price!
Futaba M6 transmitter

With attending events, having the controller would also be a talking point for people to ask questions. So the stand was simply drawn up and 3D printed.
Futaba transmitter stand
This is the stand with R5's name and the club's name in raised print.

Futaba M4 transmitter, stand
The M4 version can be seen in the image above.

I've just uploaded the files for this onto my Thingiverse page (click for link)

Throw Back Thursday - Vintage Futaba transmitter

This weeks throw back Thursday
is to my purchase of two vintage Futaba radio transmitters.

Futaba, transmitter

Futaba, transmitter

These were a little part of R5's behind the scenes history.
And was the start of a few mini projects linked to them.

Vintage Futaba - Crystal hatch 3D printed 1.0 [2019]
Vintage Futaba - Crystal hatch 3D printed 1.1 [2019]

I also designed up and printed a display stand.....but I don't think I actually blogged it....? I'll have to dig it out and post pictures....


Thingiverse - digital volt meter holders now online

Just uploaded the two versions of my digital volt meter holders.

A single version 2, without the extra unnecessary raised panel.

A a dual version, if anyone actually needs a holder for two.
Originally I did, so perhaps someone will as well. 


Thingiverse Page - James_R5-D4 = latest designs.


Latest prints, printed by co worker Will and kindly posted as well.

Volume control box holder:
Designed this up to hold the volume control unit.
First attempt at thread inserts as well.
Was thinking of using acrylic sheet for the lid, but may just 3D print one.

Volume control box
Update: 22.6.2020
The volume control box holder, needed to be slightly modified. I should of made the cable hole larger as the two struggled to go through. So had to trim off the upper section. Not the end of the world as the idea was to fit a lid. Also the hole for the rotary had to be opened up a bit, printer tolerance. The best bit tho was the fitting of the thread inserts.
Volume Control box


Volume control knob:
Yes I did look for a long one but thought why not just design and print one. It is designed to go through the 18mm thick base.
Volume Control Knob
Update: 22.6.2020

Volume control knob, needed only its shaft hole to be opened up. I wanted it to be a tight fit, but was a little to tight at first.
Volume Control Knob


Utility arm bracket:
Three similar designs, to save time with seeing which one works.
Utility arm bracket: straight 1Utility arm bracket: straight 2

Utility arm bracket: straight 3Utility arm bracket: straight 4

Update: 22.6.2020
Utility arm bracket, these printed great, but still they need redesigning as I just can't get the flat parts to fit the curved angle of the arm. So back to the drawing board for these.....


Next up:
The Digital Voltage units. I didn't have one to hand when I was drawing up this model for another project, so missed a few details. Both are not major things and one was easily solved by trimming the fixing tabs off the digital meter.
 Before tags were removed, seen on right of picture.

Once tabs removed and rear circuit board filed down a bit, the digital push fits in. The upper recessed tab I had originally intended to have printed labels stuck in stating the voltage. On hind sight though this is a bit pointless as you'd visually see the display.


Lastly, the mini voltage regulator needed a new holder.
The regulator clips into the holder and is a snug fit. I need to add a securing holed tab.

When I'm happy with these, they will go up on my Thingerverse page.