R5's prep'ed ready for Corsham Sci-Fi day 2015

An early night tonight! R5 is loaded and ready for transporting to Corsham tomorrow (Saturday 25th).

The plan is to have fun, take pics and video as well as try an give Twitter updates lol, So if you'd like to see whats happening, find R5 on Twitter here @JamesR5D4 :)


R5D4 - video of his limited sounds

Quick video of the limited sounds available to R5
.....well.....he doesn't say much in the film anyway lol

Just click on the pic to take you to R5's YouTube page

R5D4 - prep'ed ready for transportation

Spent two hours re-installing all of R5's electrical boards, sound system board and then testing it all.

This was the first time he was all together, dome on, lights on, sound on!
R5D4, R5-D4, r5d4, r5-d4

The sound system was loud! Which is a good thing as you forget that when testing in your garage or at home, (though not at half past 12 at night! lol). You normally DON'T have any loud background noise. But at event's, this increases dramatically. So to be on the safe side, I tested the amp on full power by flipping the two dip switches.......now THAT's LOUD!!! :D


New switch for unlimited powerrrrrr....... lol

With the new sound board in, I needed to distribute the power but AFTER the main switch. I'd missed this little detail when installing the main power switch and hadn't left enough cable.

In the process of sorting this, I broke off one of the switch rear connection tabs.
So ordered another switch.

Due to the shortness of the cable from the switch to the speed controller, I needed to add in an extension cable. And rather than solder up the cable to the stitch, I fitted spade connectors with their holes opened up to take the switches screw's. I then fitted heat-shrink over to ensure contacts were safe and this also prevents the screws from coming out.
R5D4 power switchR5D4 power switch

Connected the last cable on and then fitted all back onto the control board.

Sound problems - 12 channel remote....

Where to start......

......this Build Blog is about the up's and down's, and here's a down post.....

Well, I'd missed crimping an earth connection lead in the eyelet socket, so that explained why one channel didn't play. So redid the wiring into a new eyelet, only to find it wasn't the right size hole (a rouge size). So had to re-do .........again, third time lucky?
12 channel remote
Before I found the missing earth crimp.
Then, all this time testing for sound and not getting anywhere fast, only to find that the remote channel I thought was no1, was in fact no7, (these come with no instructions mind). Am still having issues with actually setting up the remote, as one minute it works (you can hear the relays click) and plays when buttons are pressed, the next some don't??

Another 3 hrs of waisted effort last night, out of the 12 channels, I have 4 channels that will play sound, because the relays or the remote/board programme? And 2 channels that are for some reason repeats of two of the 4 channels?? And there not even connected up???


  • Either the 12 channel board is faulty.
  • My soldering defo needs improving [this goes without saying lol]
  • There's a problem with the Audio FX board [not likely as test triggers all the sounds]

*** Corsham Sci-Fi Day 2015 ***

R5-D4's first event of 2015
Motor's = check
Dome motor = check
Sounds.......sort of.... check

(thought I'd posted this, but with all the sound system work, I'd forgot!)


Sound board - installation complete 1.1

Made up some wood location stands, cut slot's into them and screwed them to some MDF base plates. These were then screwed into place.

I then made up a cardboard template of the metal bracket I wanted to make to secure the top of the board. Cut, drilled and then bent into shape, marked position on board and drilled a clearance hole for a bolt, washers, spring washer and a butterfly nut, to secure in place.

I then finished off some more wire's, soldering and connected these back up to there respective terminal blocks.


R5-D4 sound system
The top securing bracket can be seen better in this image.
This lot took over an hour to complete!