Custom box for radio transmitter 1.0

I looked at buying a case to store & carry my radio transmitter in. And yes, there are cases, but I wanted something a bit special lol.

I had an idea of what I wanted the box to look like, ever since I saw the scanning crew box from ANH on the Death Star. Similar boxes below pic.
Star Wars prop box

R2D2 C3PO Death Star

Then just recently on Star Wars Rebels, there's a scene which includes this design again.
Star Wars Rebels - Storage boxs

Not to sure if the size of my box will be to small for this design on the sides??
I've also been thinking about not so recognisable designs. The Nokia phone promo box that came out a few years ago, gave me a few ideas.
Nokia Phone promo box - Ep3 ROTS

For now though, I'm just going to build the box itself and think about the outside later.
So a quick trip to B&Q for some wood and screws and I was ready to make a start.

I measured up the transmitter and then allowed extra for the proposed foam protections.
I then started to measure and cut out sides, base and lid.

Radio Transmitter storage box

Radio Transmitter storage box
I had cut all the sides out, but after three hours work of cutting, drilling, couter sinking holes etc I thought I'd call it a night


You Tube - R5's first motorised event

Here's a short video taken at Chippenham Sci-Fi day.
R5's first motorised event.
Click on the You Tube pic, to see video 'R5-D4 @ Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014'.

Click on the above pic below, to be taken to Facebook page.

Have a few more short video's taken that I hope to upload soon
Thanks for watching.

R5-D4's transport platform 1.3 - UPGRADE

R5-D4 when built fitted into the boot/load area of MY Zafira just fine. But the wife's newer one, the hatch is smaller in height.
Meaning the feet have to come off. This was something I would of preferred not to have to do, because then I'd have to figure out a way to support R5 in no leg mode!

This is not complete, but is on it's way to being. The centre leg would have to come off due to the limited height.

So I built this mini platform, which will also double as an assembly stand once attached to the mobile platform. The mini platform fits onto the mobile platform, giving the right amount of clearance and stability to re-assemble his feet, then he can be reversed, giving access to the stand, which once moved, allow's me to re-fit his central leg/foot assembly. Phew.

The left pic shows how the stand will be once R5's in place, the right picture shows the stand aligned with the edge of the platform, this allows the outer feet to be re-attached with plenty of ground/platform clearance.

I thought about if I needed to transport from A-B without having the space (or dry weather) and needed to move everything quickly. So thought and made up these to channel runners to bolt the outer feet too. The ankle bolts hold them in place whilst in transport, also means I can't misplace them lol.

I still need secure the centre leg and re-do the strap U-bolts (at the front of platform). Of course the proof will be when it comes to using it if this works or not lol. But, I know that with his feet off, I'm able to lift him up and into the boot again.


Star Wars Shoes - the return

My friend who was helping out at last Saturdays event,
wore her new Star Wars covered shoes (her wedge ones).
She also took her other pair, but decided best not to wear them, whilst in 'help mode'.
Star Wars shoes

They were spotted and commented on by several people. And a few pictures were taken.
These were then Tweeted on Jedi News!
Who then later posted up on their web site, check out the website
(click image below)

R5-D4 on You Tube @ Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014

This video has been floating round on Facebook from Saturdays Chippenham Sci-Fi Day.
It's not my video, have yet to sort these out.
Show's lots of the stuff from the event, including........ R5-D4 lol as well as R2 & R4.


UK R2 Builders & Chippenham Sci-Fi Day 2014 - My Event Report

Had a great time on Saturday with Ian (R4), Giles (R2) & Mark with his Steampunk Droid Issa. Having R5 moving and joining in was soooo much fun, I had a stupid kid grin on my face all day! Hahaha.

Arrived just in time for the event opening and set-up R5. Turned the power on and........nothing! WHAT??? My heart sank! Had the radio transmitter and receiver lost their connection?? Then, R5 lurched forward! Connection worked!?! Perhaps it was because it was in close proximity to the other guys systems?? It did it again later on when I turned off and on the transmitter .

Then R5-D4 was rolling :) joining in with the others &having his picture taken. We joined in with photo opps with the Southern Troopers and their Tantive IV backdrop, as well as roaming round to the Milton Keynes Garrison & their backdrop.

There was plenty to see for visitors with stalls and displays as well as Special Guests!
The Charity Sci-Fi group were also in attencance with Darlek's and other costume characters from Dr Who, Judge Dredd, Ghostbusters to name a few.
R5-D4 R2-D2

With all the roaming around before I knew it, three hours had passed! It was suggested that we take the droids outside as access was good and flat. The route had carpet and a slight incline, R5 coped OK with this, 24v power and him being a heavy build pay's off, phew. Then outside we joined up with ST & MK members to entertain the crowds, some not realiseing that the event was even going on.
Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014

Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014
At which point they then followed us all back inside when we did, result.

Then it was back inside for more roaming and photo :)
Astromech Droids

R5-D4 Chippenham Sci-Fi Day 2014

Southern Troopers

MK Garrison

Chippenham Sci-Fi

Southern Troopers

Lots of people asked questions about plans, costs and abilities needed to build an Astromech. I hope the people I spoke to were encouraged to not to daunted with what can seem a big build challenge.
Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014

Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014

Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014

Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014
Crowds started to quieten down by about 3pm, tho there were still people coming in who had seen what was going on outside. This gave the droids a bit of space to 'play' lol. Kids were still having pictures taken and interacting with them, which is always great to see.

Have to give respect to one Mum who corrected her child that said 'look theres R2!', to which she replied, 'no thats not R2, thats R5!' Most impressed!

Then it was time to pack up, just after 4pm. Another great event attended with my fellow builder friends. Always good to see them and learn and swap ideas and roll around with the Droids! And a great day for Chippenham Sci-Fi as their first event was a great success!

Chippenham Sci-Fi Day Facebook page

Southern Troopers Facebook page

MK Garrison Facebook page


R5-D4's first motorised event......preview report

Was a great day and enjoyed roaming around an event for the first time with fellow R2 Builders club members Giles R2 & Ian A4 as well as Mark with this Steampunk Astromech.

Photos, videos and event day write up to follow tomorrow, once I have these sorted.


*** Chippenham Sci-Fi 2014 - TODAY ***

....First Transport, is away!

Well.......almost lol. Loaded R5 into transport (car's boot) last night along with everything I hopefully need!
Setting off with my Son, and picking up a friend who is helping out at the event today, on the way.

More details about the event later.

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