Display Board for R5 - 1.1

I've seen droid designated display board in event pics on the internet. And what with Corsham only this Saturday, I thought I'd leave it to the last minute to make my own hahahaha :D
This board was going to be for R5's electrical components, but hay, saves me time ;).

As it's for R5-D4, I drew up his head in simple design and cut it out. I was just going to leave it simple, but I found some metal components that I added as R5's main eye details lol.

The support I found was just the right size, so that was drilled and screwed onto the back at an off-set to give the display an angle.

The lot will then be painted white.

Weathering 1.4 - more Body/skirt & Centre Leg/foot

Body weathering update pics..... with and without camera flash lol.

R5-D4R5-D4 weathering

Centre Leg, Skirt & Foot Shell....
R5-D4 weathering


Weathering 1.3 - Body, Leg, Outer Foot and Battery Box

My attempt at weathing R5's body. Started next to the fitted rear hatch and worked my way round. The Leg got in the way so moved onto this lol. This then led down to the Battery Box. I then turned him round and carried on with the Body, working down to his skirt (no pics yet).

I got round as far as the Centre Vent's but didn't take pictures, will do for next post.
This is by no means perfect, not that it's supposed to be, just my interpretation.


Weathering 1.2 - R5-D4's Head

This morning I started on weathering R5's head, by applying Burnt Umber around the neck, side recess, eyes, top pie panel grooves and around the base of the Antenna. This is just the start. One good thing I've noticed is that the woods imperfections help when wiping off the paint as it sinks into them giving a 'pitted' surface finish.
These pics were taken right after paint was applied, so its still wet. But looked a lot better once dried. Should look even better once rubbed off a bit and ochre applied.


Weathering 1.1 Rear Hatch

After a very long day, I was exhausted, but wanted to try the Yellow Ochre on the rear hatch.
On applying it, very sparingly, it didn't seam to be visible. Blending & mixing in with the Burnt Umber. Still i carried on applying it in the places I wanted it.

Then it started to dry.......and was then a lot more noticeable lol. So using my finger, I gently rubbed it in to the Umber and the grooves and this helped to blend it all in and rub off the excess.

I didn't want to over do the weathering at the moment, but its a start and am happy so far.
R5-D4 Astromech Droid

R5 gets dirty - weathering 1.0

R5's paint job had included some black paint in the grooves, legs, body and feet areas. This was to give him a dirty/oily appearance. Now its time for him to get his main 'used' colours of sand and dirt.

Two of the colours I've bought, are Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber (a dark brown). These came Wednesday via eBay.

Weathering paint for R5

Had to give it a go, so off came the rear hatch and dabbed on the Burnt Umber to start with.

Start of weathering


R5's transportation platform 1.2 (on hold)

Next was a handle!
R5's not the lightest Astromech out there, plus I wanted something to secure him whilst being moved...........

.........this project is going on hold. Loaded R5 onto the platform as a test and am not happy about a few things, so am having a re-think.......


R5's transportation platform 1.1

I've decided to make R5 a platform for moving him from car to event. After the difficulty I had at Fleet Air Arm Museum's car park surface last year, it would be easier if the platform took the brunt of the possible rough surfaces. It would also be easier to move/steer.

I salvaged a set of 4 wheels (x2 with swivel casters) from a discarded cabinet. The x2 swivel  wheels bushes were shot so had to bin them, but its a start.

Using a piece of 18mm thick plywood, I measured out a suitable size area for R5 to be mounted to. I cut, drilled and screwed to pieces of wood to act as stops for the outer wheel front casters. I then found some 'U' aluminium channel that the scooter wheels fit in. I cut these, drilled and screwed these down next.
R5-D4 transport platform

I didn't get to mount the fixed casters as I have run out of M8 bolts, these will screw into M8 T-nut's that will be installed. This is a job for Tuesday.

I dont want the platform to be to high off the ground, so after seeing a similar platform, the fixed casters are going to be 'recessed' into it. Measured and marked holes out. Then got to drilling and cutting out with jigsaw. Next I bolted the casters into place.
R5-D4 transport platformR5-D4 transport platform

R5-D4 transport platform

I was going to put casters on the front....no.....rear of the platform, but after thinking about it and the fact with no brakes, R5 could do a runner, I've decided to just put a 'rest' to the back face.
That's next stage.....

Hopefully I'll have it finished by April 26th 2014, Corsham Sci-Fi Fun Day.