Outer feet - weight reduction 1.0

The internal metal frames for R5's outer feet, are heavy! They weigh 3.5 Kg each without the shell or battery box. And once the motor and wheel is removed, 1.5 Kg.

So I started looking at where material could be removed to reduce weight, though I don't think this will actually make much if any difference??

Finished the first 'wave' of cutting and weighed it....... unable to give a reading, lol.
So back on the milling machine to remove more metal :)


** Collectormania 22 & the UK R2 Builders Club **

R5-D4 astromech droid
Sunday was R5's second motorised event, joining the Uk R2 Builders on the second day at Collectormania 22 @ Milton Keynes (MK Dons football) arena.

Doors open at 9am, so it was an early start for me. I was up at 5:40am and out the door & on the road by 6:00am! R5 was already loaded the night before. Then the two hour plus, drive up to Milton Keynes. Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be lol.

Arrived around 8:30am and after a quick re-con, started to unload and assemble R5. There were queuing people out side, some dressed up.
Capitan America
The group were up on the second floor balcony, along with James from XRobots with his 3D printer & also Joker Squad. First floor was the 'computer games' floor, Milton Keynes Garrison & Dr Who show props, costumes & Dareks.

James, in the above picture, was showing visitors 'live' 3D printing of components and explaining the process. Lots of people managed to find us still and were treated to music and dance lol, not from us, but from the droids.
UK R2 Builders Club

Wall-E, UK R2 Builders Club

UK R2 Builders Club stand
Later on we went off to roll around the main event floor, entertaining, photo's etc
R5-D4, Wall-E, Stormtrooper

Click on this link to take you to R5's You Tube page
for video's of some of the droids rolling around.
(not loaded up yet as of 18.11.14)

These are the droids your looking for next time they are out and about!
UK R2 Builders Club

UK R2 Builders Club

UK R2 Builders Club
Really like this picture!


Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.6 Almost Completed

After the last post, and the previous coat of paint had dried, I applied another coat of metallic blue all over the box. This improved it a bit more, making it more darker and more blue lol. Once this had dried, I gave the box faces a light sand all over, then I applied clear sealer all over and left to dry. Now the box is almost complete. I applied the handles and feet, and finally, in went the foam.

Scanning Crew Star Wars ANH
The last touch that I was to spray up the lid with the orange blocks. As I didn't have orange spray, I used brass/gold colour that I used on R5's hoses. Looks good and am happy with it. The colour could be an indicator as to what the box contains. Orange for Scanning equipment, Gold for RC Transmitters lol.


** Collectormania 22 - This weekend **


This weekend will only be #R5-D4's second motorised event in as many months!

Once his RC storage box is complete, it's a few more checks to make sure all's ready for him to be loaded up into the car on Saturday evening. I can't make the Saturday, but am really looking forward to Sunday and meeting fellow UK R2 Builders Club members.

I'll try to update R5's own Twitter account, @JamesR5D4

And on his Facebook page

Please feel free to tag R5 in your photos :)


Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.5

Had a long drive to pick up two small cans of metallic blue paint last night, through rush hour traffic to get there before the store closed.

RC transmitter storage boxRC transmitter storage box
Left picture's with 'flash' right picture without, so you can see the depth of the foam insert
RC transmitter storage boxRC transmitter storage box

Next was cutting the middle 3" thick piece of foam to accept the radio transmitter unit. Happy with I am. I then used the thinner piece of foam (the original thicker piece wouldn't compress enough, plus the transmitter is a snug fit so the top piece is just in case it does move.....which it won't of course lol.

I sprayed up the box this morning in work.
Scanning crew container boxScanning crew container box
Left picture's with 'flash' right picture without.

Box sprayed blue, little disappointed with the finish. Think the PVA was watered down a bit TO much. So the blue hasn't taken to the primer, which has also soaked in to much. Only really visible now tho on the wood filler area's. Will give it another coat at lunchtime and see if there's any improvement. Otherwise this 'worn' look will have to start to grow on me lol.


Centre foot shell temporary fix

A while back whilst trying to upgrade the centre foot wheel and it's platform, the unsupported section pushed up and broke the two top pieces off. I glued these back on temporarily, but the internals of the foot still make contact, pushing them off. So it's fixing time!
R5D4 centre leg
Well, temporary fixing time. For now I have had to screw two sets of screws in through the two top pieces into the resin that originally held them in place. I want to fix this properly after this weekends event.
screws need painting up to blend in.
I also made a tab locking washer to lock the nut in place and stop it from rotating, which also helped damage one of the top piece.

Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.5

Didn't get chance over the weekend to do much work. Though I did apply some wood filler and some sanding. Monday I was able to apply more primer spray then some sanding, and a few more coat's of primer.

Monday night, I stopped off to buy some more blue spray, only to be told that they don't stock it any more!!! And the other store that did was the other side of town, from where I had just driven past on way home from my Son's football training! Not happy!

So I decided that with what paint was left in the can I would spray up the lid, metallic blue.

Yesterday also saw my foam arrive!! Sooner than it was expected.
So I got cutting with a blade and started fitting into the box.

Top picture is 1.5" thick, then the second left picture is 3" thick. And third picture right, shows it in place. This piece will be cut to accept the transmitter. The third layer will fit on top of the transmitter and then the lid will close off the box.


Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.4

Last night:
I added PVA glue to water mix and using an old spray bottle, sprayed the outside faces of the box and lid. Although I've done this before, I do still worry as MDF doesn't like water, though the PVA needs to be absorbed so as to seal the wood. Just have to leave to dry now.
Scanning crew container

Scanning crew container

This morning:
I took the now dried box and lid into work and started to spray them up. Got the lid done, before the can, which was almost empty anyway, ran out. Hence side picture 2 only half sprayed.
side 1
Scanning crew container
 side 2
Scanning crew container
More primer spraying will have to wait now till the weekend.
Have got some foam on it's way from eBay to arrive next week.