Rogue One patch

My Rogue One patch arrived from the USA the other day, and I didn't waste any time sowing it onto my club fleece. I added to my left sleeve, underneath the club logo, as one unnamed patch 😉, is above this.

It was purched off Etsy,
price compared to Amazon saved me about £15!

Really glad I was able to get this patch.


The official UK R2D2 Builders Club Patch

Needed to get the official Club's path for the rear of my fleece. Arrived in no time and it was soon stitched on.

Just waiting of one more patch to arrive.


UK R2D2 Builders Club - Patches

Decided the other day that with the arrival of my new 2018 Club patch, I should dig out the others and sow them onto my Club Fleece.

I just had to figure out where best to display them. So I went with the Celebration 2016 one above the Clubs logo, and the others down the right arm. I'm just waiting on two more to arrive, but for now, here's the ones I've stitched on.
 Celebration Europe 2016
This event was won of the most enjoyable experiances, shared with great friends & My Son.

I do have an Orange 2018 Pinewood patch,
these kindly given out to Club member by Lee T. 😎

This one I stitched onto my Club Polo top.....


Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 2.5

Work done 19.6.2017

The inner 'ear' area, needed to be raised up to form a central pad area. so I glued in some cardboard to build this up and then applied filler to slope the edges.

To create the rear helmet details, I used Milliputty.
These are rough to start with.......

More updates on this project coming as need to redo some of the costume for my daughter.

Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 2.4

work done: 15.6.2017

Next up I started on re-doing the 'blast shield'. I'd already attempted this once, but wasn't happy with it, so decided to try again a different way. This is all new to me so I soon realised I had to think back words.... by this I mean that I make the shield, then make a cast of the shield, to then make it into a mold, just like the helmet.

Started off by making the shape using cardboard.

A few more layers of cardboard to make more rigid,
before applying fiber glass matt and resin.

Here is the first layer of fiber glass matt applied.
I added another layer on top of this to help strengthan.

Once this was dried I started to mix up and apply car body filler.
I ran out so this was all that was left in the tin.


Whilst waiting, I started looking at the details that I could add to the helmet to be included in the actual casting of it. Rather than have to stick extra pieces on.
I started on the cheek detail (circled in yellow below)

Other's have done these, so there was plenty of ref pics to work with.
And this was the mocked up version...in cardboard.

And here it is glued into place

I still need to fill in the gaps etc and then seal it before applying primer etc.
But it's looking good, and after all, this is for my daughter so scale is not 100%

Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit 2.2

Work done last year 13.6.2017.....Thought these following post's had been posted

Usual busy family weekend stuff, but i was able to re-make a start on the blast shield. Using a hot glue gun to get started, i cut out and positioned roughly where the sides would go. Next was over the top strips, cross strips, followed by larger flatter pieces.

The start of the cardboard strip framework.

Next then was to start applying fiber glass and resin to form the base of the shield.

Resin applied to framework.

The plan is to create the shield, then make a silicone mold to then create a slush cast from it.


R4-D4 Dome work progress 4.0 - LED's

Been looking into the random servo movement for the Holo, as I'd like my original idea to work, but still having problems.

Next up I ordered some RGB slow transition LED's to add to the other flashing & non flashing others.

I drilled a small hole and fed the cables for it through the rear section.

This was held in place with hot glue.

Next up was the 'electronic' side panels.
I filled in the previously open upper hole and slot, with hot glue, this helped to diffuse the LED's light.
I applied some black paint around the edges to help reduce reflection, mainly on the upper edge, as can be seen in the above two pics. These were taken as the LED faded colour change.
Above picture shows the slight, light bleed above the yellow bar.

I just need to sort out the inside wires next.

R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.9 - New Holo ring cover

I drew up & 3D printed a new Holo ring.

I then painted it black with silver details. This was to cover the screws retaining the Holo eye in place.
And here it is as a test. This is not a 'film cannon' item, but as there are a few different R4 with different holo projector 'boxes', this isn't a problem for me.

Next up......LED's