'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.5

Components arrived at the weekend, sooner than I'd expected lol. But wasn't able to try them out till Tuesday.

As always the instructions for at least one components wiring diagram are......well, inaccurate......would be putting it mildly! lol. A black& white picture, no colour identities, component picture doesn't actually match the component! But it didn't take long to sort.

So this is the plan for connecting it all up.
R5D4, Motivator, Bad Motivator

And here's it all wired up for testing, using an LED as the motivator/smoke side of things.
The cigarette plug, connects to the 12v power adaptor.

And here it is again, this time with the voltage regulator fitted. Again, this is just a test fitting.
R5D4, Bad Motivator
The voltage regulator will be connected up to the smoke system (pump & E-Cig) as this runs at 6 volts. There will be another connection to link up to the 12 volt to the door actuator to activate the Motivator.

The remote triggers the circuit, which activates the timer relay, sending power to the motivator and smoke system. After the set time, the timer switches off and system deactivates. There is a bonus fail safe in that another button has to be pressed to reset the first button......well it's a bonus for now....lol


R5-D4 visits Glenfrome Summer Fair 2015

This was R5's first event where I didn't have to make an early start lol.

As the school is only about a twenty minute drive, I arrived around 11am to assembled & prep R5. It was a strange feeling walking through the corridors, was remembering everything being bigger tho lol. Mind you it was over 30 years ago. And even though there was a lot of new building work done over the years, there was a lot of stuff that hadn't changed.

It was a very hot sunny day and there were lots of stalls and games to be played. It took me back to my child hood and my Son was really interested in me telling him about when I used to go there. R5 was driving around almost non stop for the three hours the fair was open! His batteries were almost drained lol. The kids loved him and he had hugs of loads, did scare one little person, but she was very small lol. Parents and kids asked me lots about him and how he was built. So a good day all round.


R5D4, Glenfrome Summer Fair 2015

R5D4, Glenfrome Summer Fair 2015
We look forward to next year :)


'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.4

OK, so I got round to planning how to operate R5's pop-up motivator and also to trigger the smoke system.
  • activate motivator to pop-up
  • activate sound of blown motivator via the Adafruit Audio FX board
  • activate smoke system.
I want the three things to work at once from one button. Originally my idea was to use the 12 channel remote unit I had for R5's sounds, but the one I have/had was faulty and so I gave it a .......'vote of no confidence'......lol.

As I'm still working on a budget, I searched eBay for suitable (& cheap) components. If they work, great, if they don't then the price goes up.

Found a four button remote control unit, and a timer switch relay unit.
R5D4, Bad Motivator

R5D4, Bad Motivator
The remote & the switch timer relay only cost £8 each.


Collectormania 23 Milton Keynes - Event Report

Had a great time on Saturday!

R5 had been loaded up into the rear of the car the night before, so the early morning start was all i had to deal with. Due to changes beyond our builders Group's control, we (the displayee's) only found out that we also had to pay entrance to the event for attending before 11am! After this time entrance is free!

So 5am I was up, and out the door by 5:30am. It wasn't long tho that roadworks and bad weather slowed my journey, so arriving almost an hour later than I'd planned. Then due to parking and the rain, two long walk trips were required to get R5 inside un-wet lol.

Once inside I saw lots of familiar group faces from MK Garrison, Mark and his collection of droids and members of The Joker Squad, before arriving at our club stand. There I found new faces and droids that I've only met on the group forum. Brad, Colin, Mat to name a few. James from X-Robots was there with his BB8 droid & his 3D printed Astromech Droid, check out his VBlog here.

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4

More members of the club arrived to see the droid's and say hi throughout the morning.

Here are the pics...
Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4, James X Robots

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4 Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Due to unforeseen circumstances, R5 was asked if he could 'stand-in' for the other droid that was now not available, for the opening part of a Cosplay best costume competition!
Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4
Here R5 was interviewed about if he was having fun etc lol,
where he replied with beeps & whistles lol. Lasted about 5mins :)

Brad with his R2 unit was interviewed also about the Club.
Collectormania 23 - UK R2 Builders

The crowds were kept entertained by the Droids, kids and grown-up's alike, pictures, videos, selfies lol. Lot's of questions were asked about build materials, costs, time and energy. Hopefully a lot of people were encouraged to join up and start a journey to build their own droid.
The crowds started to thin about about 3/4pm, but this just meant more people could then ask questions and some of the droids could 'play' lol.

We called it a day just before 6pm and we all headed back to our cars to load up droids.
This pic was taken by Colin lol.....
R5D4, Collectormania 23
Then it was a not so long drive home.

Another great day spent doing what we enjoy doing,
bringing a small part of Star Wars to life.

Check out R5's Facebook page & twitter feed


R5's to visit my old Primary School's Summer Fair

Earlier this year, I was chatting with an ex-pupil from our Primary School,
about when this years Summer Fair was.
As I'd missed it last year and it turned out to be a bit of a mini reunion of sorts.
I've always wanted to be able to help the school out somehow &had a light bulb moment lol. So as I wasn't able to attend my own kids Summer Fair with him,
I'll be taking R5 along to entertain the kids at this one :)


'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.3 [You Tube]

last update was September last year:
'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.2

Last night I thought I'd re-look at how to activate the unit. I had already applied lithium grease to the sliding rods as previously they would bind up and not move smoothly. They do now though.

So connected up some cable to the door actuator and then turned R5 head upright. Then to test I just touched the 12v battery contacts and pop, up goes the motivator! At present, it falls back down inside his head under its own weight, once power is removed from the actuator.

Due to the tight pie hole opening, sometimes the motivator doesn't drop back down fully, so am thinking either a spring on the arm end to help retract or an electrical relay to reverse polarity and force the motivator to retract down inside his pie hole again.


Collectormania 23 Milton Keynes - 1 day to go!!

Only 1 more day to go to Collectormania 23.

Really looking forward to go as will get to meet up with fellow UK R2 Builders again. There are also a few other reasons, which I'll update with after the event.
It's going to be an very early start tomorrow morning, so R5 will be loaded up tonight.

I hope to be tweeting updates about the day on R5's Twitter account.

R5's Facebookpage will also get updates as well.


New Centre Leg - 1.7 - Installation

So last night I started to re-assemble all the components for R5's new centre leg.

  • First off was fitting the internal wheel platform into the foot shell.
  • Then the locking bolt through the angle & Leg & into the M5 thread in the other angle.
  • And next the M10 ankle bolt/locking washer/nut.
  • On went the two side panel, half moon details.
  • And finally, fitting the assemble up and into the bottom slot, where it was clamped with the two pieces of aluminium angle.

I did have to remove the cylinder holder to fit the wheel platform as the shell needs to move slightly to be able to fit the M10 bolt head into the shell. This is not a problem as the holder just pops snugly back in.

R5D4 Cannon centre leg fitted

R5D4 Cannon centre leg fitted

I've posted up on R5's Facebook page, the UK R2 Builders & the R2 Builders and have had good positive feed back, which coming from more experienced builders is great :)

One such comment was 'your the first to do this' !
Praise in deed, thanks.