R5-D4 - Bad Motivator Smoke system 1.0

Not long back I posted up about a mist venting system for R5 from his dome and other parts of his body that I had ideas for:

Fire Extinguisher 1.3 - 'Bad Motivator'

Since then I got to working on the lift system for the 'blown' Motivator. This is now complete, but not powered up or fully tested yet.

Next though was something that I always really wanted to sort for R5.......smoke!

This I've seen on a few R5's and it does look a great visual effect. But most system's that can produce 'smoke', come at a great cost....

But after much internet searching I found something that I'm hopeing will be just what R5 needs, more to come.....


** UK R2 Builders Club - Event's attending this weekend - Feel the Force - Peterborough 2014 **

Fellow members of the UK R2 Builders Club,
will be attending Feel the Force in Peterborough this weekend!

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This is a great event especially designed for disabled people.
Visitor's are able to get 'hands-on' with costumes and props alike.

There will be four Club members attending this event.
(subject to availability of course)

This event is a little closer than FACTS, so why not visit and enjoy!

** UK R2 Builders Club - Event's attending this weekend - FACTS 2014 **

Fellow members of the UK R2 Builders Club,
will be attending not one but two events this weekend!

The first event is FACT2014, over in Ghent.
This runs from 18th & 19th October 2014, so don't miss the opertunity to visit the Astromech area and say 'Hi' to some of the UK's finest droids!
There are 9 members attending this event representing the Club.


Motivator Pie Hole - wood filler time again

Small update:
The weekened I bought some more 'multipurpose filler'. This stuff is great and have used it on different parts of R5's build, body, legs, foot shells etc and it does the job well.

Removed the Motivator from the Dome and got to work filling in the sides that were left after removing the original wood side's.

Just need to sand smooth.


Second Side Vent installed......at last

I've been meaning to sort this out since I eventually finished slotting and painting this side of R5.....erm, last year! I knew it was going to be a pain and I was right!
R5-D4 side vent
Almost an hour, cutting, trimming, test fitting of the two MDF wedges (top & bottom locations) I had cut to fit between the inside vertical panel and the grill/body skin. As with the other side, I cut two curved pieces and then just wedged them in to hold the grill tight against the inside of R5's body. Nothing technical or fancy :)

Utility Arm locks

After R5's first outing a few years back, I soon realised that he would need to have some way of locking his Utility arm's in a closed position. I had already fitted push stops to prevent them from being pushed inwards and getting stuck, but with them not being the most securist of items, I needed something to stop them from being pulled open to far.

I wanted something quick to fit, not be to damaging and infringe on the overall look. So after a few ideas I came up with this simple idea.

The stiff wire, hocks into the arms.
R5D4 utility arm

Feeds through the rear mesh.
R5D4 utility arm

And is then bent to lock all in place.
R5D4 utility arm
Yes, I'm not really happy about the holes, but they are not that bad and can be easily filled and painted. I had to drill the holes in the top as you try drilling a hole upwards :D lol.


Rear Hatch Alarm

With R5's first mobile event getting closer and fiddeling with bits & pieces. It got me thinking about, what if's? One thing I thought of was the rear hatch. It is held on securley via two spring loaded clips, but what if it come loose or someone opens it up if/when I'm not around R5.

So I dug out my soldering iron, a piezo buzzer (the first one I got when developing my Droid Caller) & used one of the new micro switches I'd planned to use for the dome control unit & soldered them all up.

R5D4 rear HatchR5-D4R5-D4

The micro switch is wired in the NC (normally closed) position.
The buzzer is wired in-line. I was going to install a swith to turn off the buzzer when working inside, but re-thought this as a possible 'forgot to turn on' so left it as I just have to remember to place the batter back in, hence, installing it fight in front of me.

Installed the micro switch inside the rear hatch opening, in a place even better than the one I had originally intended.....bacically because where I wasnted it to originally go, it wouldn't of fitted lol. I then routed the cable through some flexible tubing round to the inside front of R5. I then screwed the piezo buzzer onto the frame. And secured the mini 12v battery holder in place.


'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.2

Tuesday 30th Sept.
Almost finished making the frame/support bracket to hold the door look actuator (solenoid) with. The unit will be secured with two screws to the inside of the dome.

Some thought went into this build (the very basic idea of what I wanted) and some bits weren't lol. As this build was mostly guessed on the fly, I kid you not lol. As I need to figure out if I'll be able to screw in one of the mounting screws, as its partially obscured by the actuator (solenoid) lol. I had to move the actuator over as the top angles securing bolt was in the way.

I wanted to make the bracket(s) as light as posible, so I weighed one before I took it into work and machined off excess material.
R5D4 bad motivator
I didn't get the chance to weigh the brackets after machining, but we'll assume they are now lighter lol.

Friday 3rd Oct.
Well here's some pics of what the whole thing looks like installed. Oh yeah, re: how I was going to fix the actuator's bracket in place....I marked and screwed it down first, then screwed the two securing screws for the actuator into place. These were not so difficult to reach, phew... :)
R5D4 Bad Motivator

R5D4 Bad Motivator

R5D4 Bad Motivator

I've jet to wire up to power, but test moving by hand, I think it will work OK.....