Funko R5 - Outer Foot file [upload]

 So for over a year, I thought the file for my outer foot had been uploaded to Thingiverse, and as nobody had asked about it, I would naturally assume that all is well with the world lol.

Till this morning, when I received an email from Scott, thanks Scott, asking about said file......

....due to the issues, Thinkgiverse uploads, the file hadn't uploaded.

So for all you Funko fans, the file HAS been uploaded [here] AND added to the original R5-D4 Funko files [here].


Transit Data Reader - for R5-D4's Utility Arm Socket screen (Part 2)

Installation of the electronics.

I had to print off a small housing for the original electronics panel that required to be re-positioned outside of it's battery box, so that the button could be pressed. This also required the battery terminals to be de-soldered from the board and wires attached to make the compartment separate.

This picture shows the lite panel, before I sprayed up the box.

I've added a coiled cable from an old mobile phone car charger lol. This then connects to the 'plug socket' end with the magnets fitted.

I added some clips to the inside of the bottom opening, for the hatch lid to sit on (one thing I had forgotten to do on the original design).

I've been thinking about what colour to paint the 'plug socket'. First I sprayed a black and grey combo to match the box, then went with black and silver [for the connection interface].

I needed a carry/protection case, found an old RC Transmitter box. Fitted it with foam I had leftover from a past project, and trimmed it to fit inside the case.


Alternative 'RED' Booster colour's 2021

Something that I have thought about over the years, was being able to do a colour change for the Leg Booster covers. It has been talked about over the years, including 'covers'. I had thought about and tried, applying vinyl stickers, but this isn't a two minute job to apply and there's the very slight potential to damage chipped paint. I didn't fancy making another set out of wood again lol and had even thought about trying my hand at casting and moulding, something for the future.....

I decided on 3D printing them as these can then be swapped for R5's blue Booster covers. As my Boosters are 'unique' lol, although made to the plans, they're location pegs are custom, so I decided to draw up a set of booster's that would fit.
For the first cover, that I drew up in CAD, I split the file into three sections for easy fitting on my Tevo 3D printer. I then mirrored them in CAD for the other side, so only having to draw up once.
I added some some tabs to help with glueing the sections together, but this wasn’t acceptable for me.

So for added (guaranteed) strength, I hot welded the pieces together using a soldering iron.
(The boosters are hollow, saving print time and filament).

After some filing and sanding, I applied wood filler to joins and low spots. Here I've started applying, whilst waiting for the other half's to print.

I printed off four location pins, which will be fitted to each half section as can be seen in the picture below.

The second booster was printed in only four parts this time (rather than six), one piece ran out of filament just at the end, but not to worry as it still fits together okay.

Wood filler applied after welding the lower parts of the booster on. Still need to apply location pins before joining the two sides together.

Grey primer applied over the filler primer. Whilst this was drying I got on with sorting out the location pins for the second Booster cover.
Here's the second Booster cover, test fitted onto the leg. The location pins were again, welded onto the Booster cover, top and bottom. One of the lower pins needed a bit more modification to be able to locate and this was then also be welded to the cover.

Second coats of filler primer applied to the second Booster cover.

Next up was grey primer to the second Booster cover.

And whilst that was drying...... I was able to spray a coat of red onto the first Booster cover.
Booster cover

Really pleased with this!
Once fully dried, I painted on the silver detail first coat.
Booster cover

Next up will be a clear coat before weathering.


Easter Egg Droid: Droid Builders UK 2021

After donating (the money going to the charity CALM) & receiving my downloadable file, I printed off my Egg (cup) droid.

Deciding on a colour scheme had to change as others had beaten me to it lol.

It’s not the best, but it’s not bad..... I’d give it a 7/10 lol.

Check out the afternoon event over on the Droid Builders UK, YouTube channel: click link here.



 Have you downloaded and printed your egg-strordinary A-LT droid for Saturday’s competition????

Check out five hours worth of content from Sam & Lee & co, this coming Saturday via YouTube and Facebook!

Link to the channel:
Droid Builders UK


Star Wars themed Panel - fitted to an A-LT Droid

Got asked by friend and fellow builder Glynn, if it was possible for the panel to be shaped to fit the body of his A-LT droid.
A-LT droid

A-LT droid

So to save on him having to work it to fit, I CAD’ed up the panel with some modifications so that it would fit the outside diameter without any work. Finished results look great!

Can’t wait to see everyone & their droids in person again.

Star Wars themed Panel pt2 - Thingiverse

Some more Star Wars inspired panels.

This has a hollow rear to be lightweight and save on printing, plus could also hide electronics for LED’s etc.

This one was based on a part off a backpack.

 Links to my Thingiverse page.


Star Wars themed Panel - Thingiverse

 Another addition to my Thingiverse page, this themed panel design.

Colour's added for display of the panel.



Transit Data Reader - for R5-D4's Utility Arm Socket screen (Part 1)


This is a similar design based on this image (below), taken from the Solo 'Official Guide' book. I thought this would be a good idea to have to connect up with R5’s utility arm socket and use it as a data transfer terminal. Similar to those seen in the original Star Wars scene to download the plans for the Death Star & then similarly to when R2 downloaded the data in The Rise of Skywalker.

To keep things inline with the retro feel, I found some coiled cable from an old car mobile phone charger, that can be connected up to the reader and the plug.

The design was originally sectioned up into a upper and lower section, but I decided to print this as a hollow one piece. There is a ‘hatch’ in the bottom to allow access inside. This kinda helped getting the supports out, but for future printing, the sectioned version would be the way to go! This took over a day to print lol.

The next job was removing the internal support :(
I hate wasting time & material!!

Next up though was sanding the unit & a coat of filler primer.

Once dried, a test fit of the EL panel. Which needed some slight filing of the hole to allow the plug to fit through.
Cut a piece of opaque plastic as a cover screen. This will get marked up later or a second screen will, fitted underneath it.

A coat of black matt paint was applied and allowed to dry. Later I then masked off to allow the front button panel to be sprayed white.
I didn’t have a grey paint, so thought I’d try the silver. But this was TO silvery for my liking. No amount of buffing and over spraying with black was going to dull or improve the appearance lol. So once sanded back, another coat of matt black was applied all over.

I made a stop at a ‘Halfords’ on return from school run and picked up (hopefully) a more suitable grey colour.

I’ll then masked off the lower part to remain black and give this a spray.
Much happier now with this look.... next up was applying colour to the recess and buttons. Using a thin brush, I sprayed black paint into a lid and brushed it onto the recess & also dry brushed the grey paint too. I then swapped over to the white for the three main buttons.

And here is the finished painted Data Reader:

Compared next to the original design.

On the plus side, this has given me time to update this with a better, more open bottom hatch, fixing screw holes for brass threaded fittings, meaning that this can be printed in three parts, less support material = quicker print time.....

.....I’ve just ordered some more filament :D so no doubt a second print is on the cards....or should that be print bed :D