Feel The Force Day - Peterborough 2016 **Event Report**

Another early start to the day, and another long journey from Bristol to Peterborough, but all in a good cause!

On arriving, there was a crowd of people queuing up and also having photo's taken with a host of attending costumers. Stormtroopers, the Movie group prop cars, Batman to name some. Mark was there, I got to briefly chat to him, with his Steampunk 'Tumbler' (inspired from Batman).

There were so many people at the entrance, we joined other costumers using a side entrance to get R5 inside. Big thanks to Emma for helping.

Feel the Force Day
This is what Feel the Force is about.
This young man spent about 10 minutes, touching R5, listening to him beep.

R2 leads the way
This is the crowd as we entered the main arena. I had to stand and wait for about 10mins as R5 was getting so much attention.

Adam & his R2D2 made their way though to where his set up was, but the main stage.
R2-D2 & R5-D4
Princess Leia meets R2
Lara Croft, Hacker T Dog, Feel the Force
Lara wasn't to impressed with Hacker T Dog's antics lol
CBBC, R5D4, Hacker T Dog
But he did want his picture with R5......good doggy lol

Hacket T Dog website link to CBBC

R5 & R2 do play nicely with each other.......sometimes lol
feel the force day, wookie's
More love for R5....

awkward moment.....move along.....move along.......phew!
Pikachu! And not a 'Go' in sight! lol
Adam take's WALL-E out for a spin
There was a lifesize toy box from The Force Awakens, this was a great hit with everyone!

And of course R5 had to have his picture taken......tho this took about 10mins as everytime I was about to get him out his box, somebody elase wanted to take his picture lol.
R5-D4 toy boxed
R5-D4 toy boxed
It was another long, but great day! I had to leave about 5 as traveling back home and evening plans. Big thanks to Emma for her help, spotting etc.

Check out the website via the link at top, look forward to seeing you next year.


~~~Christmas is coming..........

...........lol, how cares!!! Bring on Rogue One :D

I know my kids are as excited as me to see this new Star Wars film.

So I was out on Saturday and popped into my local Toys'R'Us, checked out the range of new toys etc. Then on leaving at the check-out they had these posters on the end, I asked if it was OK to take some, which I was as they were FREE. So picked up one for me and for my two youngest.
Rogue One

It's about A3 size on a thin but weighty card. Next stop was my local Tesco store, where I found the 'trading cards'. I use the term loosely as they are really just promo pics from the new film. The real deal cards will no-doubt be released on Film day. These are still worth getting though, UK versions!
Topps Rogue One cards
Topps Rogue One cards

Topps Rogue One cards
My two packs opened
I only bought a few packs as, although I loved collecting The Force Awakens cards, I didn't really want to be collecting these if they didn't have anything new to see.


New Blog cover picture 2016

Decided to update the title page picture with one of my actual R5.

Celebration Europe 2016

The original one was a classic, but thought one of my R5 was overdue for his own
build blog.This one was taken by fellow (European) builder, Felix Beyer.
He took loads of pictures at Celebration Europe & this is one of a few of R5.


Feel The Force Day - Peterborough 2016

October 1st see's Feel the Force Day return

What is Feel the Force Day?
Feel the Force Day events are film and TV conventions with a difference. We design our events around disabled people and make them as accessible as possible. We understand access does not just mean a disabled loo and a ramp, it’s about attitude, contact and all the subtle things that make things easier.


Loads of costuming groups will be attending & I'm able again to attend this year with R5.
Check out their website for loads more about what's happen.

R5's list of repairs, not just a Bad Motivator!

R5 is pretty dependable, I know that everything is reliable, won't break and will run/work every time.

He still get's a regular once over, nut's checked, battery's charged, wire connections checked etc every few weeks, even though he doesn't get out much lol. And of course, he gets all this done pre an event.

So I was a bit lost when:

  • The dome rotation would 'catch' on something now and then??
  • The smoke system wouldn't produce any smoke, tho the pump was working??
  • Sound 3 (sad sound) stopped working, but the other sounds were OK??
So once home, I started to look into the above issues.

The first one was one of the three dome mounting bolts, had unscrewed and dropped down, so catching on the rotation rings mounting screws. Phew! A drop of thread lock and this was sorted.

As for the sound issue.....?
It worked once on testing, but then failed to repeat, So this will require me taking out the whole sound board to be able to test with my PC. And due to limited time due to family and attending next event in a weeks time, I didn't want to take it all out to then not be able to fix, to then have to re-fit it again. Just a waste of time!

And finally, the smoke.....or lack of it lol.
The pump's fixing (sticky pad) had come loose, handy, so I disconnected the power, and removed the system. On testing it, the pump was OK, just no smoke. On removing the tube from the e-cig, I found that the positive contact wire had come loose from it's solder point. Therefore, no connection = no smoke.

Lucky for me tho I had a new unit already made up (made last year). I wanted to make an easy to work on unit, for removing etc. So I mounted the pump & e-cig onto a new mini board and screwed this to the inside frame. This way there will be less strain on the e-cig contacts, due to bending when filling it up each time.
bad motivator
New smoke system unit
bad motivator
New smoke system unit installed
 All fixed and ready for his next trip out,
Feel the Force Day, Peterborough, October 1st 2016


Chippenham Sc-Fi Day 2016 - Event Report

R5 was loaded up into the car and my Son was attending with me again, in his Han Solo costume. Also, Karen was a volunteer helper for the actual event.

The drive from Bristol to Chippenham is not a long one & we arrived earlier than I had planned, due to there being no traffic.

The short distance from car park to the Hall, R5 attracted a few stares and 'oooh look, R2' lol :D. Inside people were set up & setting up still, I missed Paul Felski with his awesome B9 Robot from the Original 'Lost In Space' tv show, along with other film classic Robots.
Lost the photo of Paul with his B9 robot...but there are pics on the Chippenham FB page.

The event is spread out over a wide'ish area, to include not just indoor, but outdoor too. There was Jedi training in the Emery Gate shopping centre, with Andrew Lawden, and fellow Astromech builder Mark Enright with his Batmobile Steamer, along with other prop cars.

The event opened at 10am and was busy straight away. The Milton Keynes Garrison, Southern Troopers were just a two of the groups attending. Marvel characters as well as Predators & Dalek's roamed the halls.

R5 had lots of fun with kids big and small lol. And entertained all day, even with his 'bad motivator' (more on this in another Blog post).

Chippenham sci-fi 2016
R5 with some fan's of his lol
Chippenham sci-fi 2016
what are the chance's of R5 meeting BB8...?

Chippenham sci-fi 2016

Chippenham sci-fi 2016
R5 entertaining two new friends (just in front of him)
Late afternoon, Pam & Clem had a walk around and posed graciously for pictures with guests and Cosplay'rs alike.
Pam Rose & R5
A Wookie, Han JJ Solo, R5D4 & Clem So
Pam Rose & Clem So with the MK Garrison
Imperial Officer - Pinup style
Karen told me she wanted another outfit that was a bit informal for events, yet hopefully instantly recognisable.

She had seen a 50's 'pin-up' style outfit that she was able to create without it costing the earth. So after buying the recognisable Imperial belt & buckle, teamed up with a grey pencil length skirt, black body & the hardest item to find.....a short length, plain, grey cardigan she was happy with the look. Black stockings & black heels.

She also found the insignia badge, that she sowed onto the cardigan.
3D printed Imperial insignia
3D printed Imperial insignia
Her outfit for the day drew quite a few admires & lots of positive comments.

She wasn't to happy with one pic I took, but was defo smiling when Andrew Lawden commented on her outfit and happily posed for a pic with her lol.

We had to leave early, due to pre-arranged family commitments. But we had a great time & got to meet up with friends. Roll on next year.


R5D4 gets some screen time.....

 .......on 'Sky's Star Wars Greatest moments'

I was away at the time, but my friend Karen, recorded the program for me. She had already watched and posted up on FB about seeing R5 on the program lol.

I mentioned in my post 'Celebration Europe 3 2016 event-report PT3' about the mini film crew & Alex Zane and was a little thrown when he was stood next to R5. I did get a very quick picture and video. Mark Cox took this great pic of the filming.
Alex Zane, R2D2, R5D4
Filming for Star Wars Greatest Moments 2016
Also in the shot is R2 & Mike's yellow R2

Here are my screen grabs, lol...
Star Wars Greatest moments

Star Wars Greatest moments

Star Wars Greatest moments
This takes me back, I was just rolling R5 around and these guys asked if they could have R5 in their pictures. Then R4 & BB8 roll past and join the now growing photo opportunity for the first wave of attending visitors as the doors opened in the morning.

Star Wars Greatest moments
If you watched the programe, you'll also see R2-M80 (Matey, yellow) roll in front of us.


Chippenham Sci-Fi 2016

Only two weeks to go!!
Chippenham Sci-Fi 2016

Check out their page for all that's going on.

R5 will be attending & hopefully a few other members
of the R2 Builders group will be there as well.

This will be mine & R5's third year attending this event
since it started three years ago.

Click here for the Ticket's link

Famous guests who have apperared in
Dr Who, Red Dwarf as well as Star Wars

So that's September 17th, all details are on their website, link above.
Follow them on Twitter and then tweet your pics from the event :)