R5-D4's Head 1.1 - Frame work

For the construction of R5's dome/head, I'll be using the:

Experimental R5D4 Head flatpack Rev4

This is on the Yahoo Astromechs Droid Builders Club file system.

So i Checked the paper template curve against my template skeleton frame. And it fits, close enough.

I've modified the frame to save on material & cutting. These will be screwed to the main disc. The originals were as long as the radius & the height of the dome main side wall. The skin templates will be transferred onto 3mm thick hardboard & cut out. The two pieces will then be glued together with a bridging plate.

Below are the first two skeleton frame pieces.


  1. Looking great as always dude :)

    1. Thanks James. I've got some more done today to update to follow shortly ;)