R5-D4 - Bad Motivator Smoke system 1.1

Last October I was looking at making a smoke system for R5's Bad Motivator.

I looked on the R2-D2 forums & Build Blogs for smoke and how to get it [without burning lol]. Then my search went wider on the net to find big, large amounts of smoke. This led me to videos of e-cig and the best way to get the most vapours! WOW!! One of the picture searches led me to the Ghostbuster forums as on there members had got good results from using e-cig's/pumps etc. There are tutorials on how to build these into the Proton Pack's & Ghost traps! 

The below e-Cig I had is different to the ones used in the GB post, and it was a case of YouTube searching, that I found this guys explanation and how to fix. Click his link below.

Mini smoke machine test for Ghostbusters ghosttrap

So off onto eBay I went in search of components. I had some parts, I just needed to source the others.

R5-D4's bad motivator smoke systemR5-D4's bad motivator smoke system

R5-D4's bad motivator smoke system

For testing I used  AA battery power for the pump, running at 3 volts and more to fire up the e-Cig running @ 6 volts.

R5-D4's Bad Motivator smoke system

R5-D4's Bad Motivator smoke system

The You Tube link explaining my e-Cig was watched, but found that the centre contact is live and I don't have to push the wire all the way down the hole (blocking up valuable air flow lol). The negative wire was fed through the side hole I had previously made and soldered to the inside threaded area of the e-Cig.

I then connected up some clear tubing I had, to the e-Cig. This had a small hole cut into it to allow the positive wire to poke through (just visible in top picture above red tape). Then I hot glue filled the lot into place! Next I connected it up to a smaller piece of tubing from something off one of the kids old toys (I think lol), this fitted nicely over the pumps outlet stub pipe. I've left the tubing long for the time being until I sort locations out for everything in R5's dome.

Fired it all up......and YES, it works! I just need to get some glycerine fluid and maybe some scented e-Cig fluid lol.

More to follow.......... including some video......

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