Another Year of R5-D4 building

The month of January is the anniversary of starting this project to build my R5-D4 Unit,
back in 2011.

But it all started about 10 months before in 2010, with these two Droids........

R2D2 R5D4 Astromech DroidR6-E1, Emy, podpad studio's

I had heard about a local Sci-Fi event in Corsham
that I thought me and my children might like to go to.

Check out the
and find out about the money they raise and up and comming events.
This years is 26th April 2014

My Son was really into Boba Fett at the time so it was a bonus that Jeremy Bulloch [Boba Fett] along with others was going to be there!

For us, the main characters were the Star Wars ones, inparticular, R2 & his fully automated R6 buddy. Seen in the pictures above. All the kids, not just the little ones, were suitably impressed!
On closer inspection, I could see that they were both made from WOOD!

Those famous words every Dad knows so well, when asked.......
'Dad, can you make me one?' Came out of my Son's mouth,
on my stunned uttering of the words, 'I could build one!'

I soon searched the web and found the maker of these Astromach's @ Podpad studios.
And started to follow the build of his several other creations.
This gave me inspiration that I too could create and build my Astromech Droid.

And so after months of research and the realisation that a wood build was my only and cheapest build option, I began. It's taken a while to build, as only in my free time, late evening's, weekends & lunchtimes in work. I've learnt new skills, shortcuts, and so much more from following Blogs like this and also on the two main forums I'm a member of.....

The UK R2 Builders Club [this is the main UK info page]
Astromech.net [which you will have to register with]

So I'm now, hopefully, on the last stretch of the build and hopefully,
will get him motorised and Fully Operational ;)

So stayed tuned.........

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