Star Wars 'T-Shirt' Holiday Special (2017)


Well, with only a week left before the family holiday to Mickey Land, Florida.
I thought I'd post up a quick update.
I've ironed my mini collection of Star Wars T-shirts to wear once out there lol.

I'm also planning on taking some of my trading cards with me

(with plastic sleeves).
So find me on Instagram and if your in the parks same time as me, look out for the T-shirt of the Day post. And grab a card & a selfie lol.

Looking forward to wearing my Bristol/Star Wars top from uchiclothing

You-Tube link to their two, Star Wars inspired, T-shirt's. 
This one is my No1 top, out of all the t-shirts I'll be taking, lol,
tho I do have a VERY special 'green' one too ;)

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