Battery Box No2 - 1.1


Cut the plastic guttering into strips, this helped utilise the curve. These were drilled & pinned in place with panel pins.
R5D4 R2D2 Battery BoxR5D4 R2D2 Battery Box

Once all pieces were fitted, P40 resin was used inside to stiffen everything up. Filler applied to smooth outside curves.

This is my attempt with available materials I had. For a proper way to build these, view Adam Strawson's amazing R2-D2 Build here.


Drilled the two holes for Knurled Hose Fittings to fit into.


So, with the foot shell No.2 left to dry. I turn my attention back to battery box No.2.

I was planning on doing the same process as before, but this is time consuming lol. So this time I marked the plastic guttering, cut it to length but kept as much of the curved width as possible. I then clearance drilled through into the wood ends. The plastic was then pinned in place with panel pins. The ends were then trimmed with a sander to length.

Next thing that needs making are the clips that the box hangs on/locates on [picture below]. These are just two sets of thin hardboard. With screws into the inside face of the Foot Shell. The Box hangs over the inside of the box.

There's a lower locating pin for the bottom of the box. I found this was needed as once the hose's are fitted, they 'kick-out' the battery box from the foot shell.
R5D4 Outer Foot Shell

So here's the battery box, so far. It's not a pretty sight, but it will look a lot better once finished.....honest :D

R5D4 wood built Battery BoxR5D4 wood built Battery Box

Wood filler in all the gaps, grooves etc. once dried, sanding & primer time.

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