Han Solo costume for my Son....... Vest 2.0 - lining

This weekend has been a very busy one, lots of sowing, cutting and stitching. I was starting to worry that the costume wouldn't be finished in time! But thanks to Karen giving up her free time to guide my sowing, help and advice, I'm still on target lol, for completion.

So, last week's work, since last post, was to sow in the lining. Easy you might think. In hindsight, the lining would of been better sown onto each panel BEFORE stitching them together, but hay ho. On the plus side, doing it this way we combined the hemming correction of the rear neck, which needed re-stitching anyway.
cutting out using a template
sewing the first front inside lining in
First inside front lining finished
Working out the neck hem, ready for sowing.
neck hem pinned
Karen picked up material at the weekend for the shirt and leather look material for the Stormtrooper wrap around belt.

This weeks work, Stormtrooper belt, shirt, trouser modification & Blood stripes!

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