R5-D4's Droid Caller 1.3 - Buzzer

Well, my buzzer (if you can call it that) arrived the other day, I had to hocked it up straight away and.........................SQUEEEEEEK!

What the...... I know it's description states 'Piezo' but also states 'buzzer'......well, SQUEEEEEK does not sound like buzzzzzzz :(

So have ordered another, different type of 'buzzer'. Let's hope this one is more to my liking.

Second buzzer came Thursday and on me arriving home, immediately  hooked it up to test. Aaaaaaaaah, much buzzer........I mean better :D lol.

Well, its not like the film version, but it buzz's better will do the job well.
Droid Caller
Today in work I soldered up the buzzer to battery and switch.

And here it is :)
Droid caller

Droid callerDroid caller
Once all inside the buzzer sound is dampened down a bit more so is not to over powering :-)
Video with sound of buzzer

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