Bad Motivator - upgrade work in progress 2.1

Here is the first of the re-positioned parts glued together.
R5D4, Bad Motivator
I've used araldite glue to secure
R5D4, Bad Motivator
The wires sticking out resemble the wires that can be seen in images from the film. OK, granted, not red with brown spiral ones lol, these will be changed. 

Also looked at fitting a low power red LED under the mesh.......if there's space to fit it!
R5D4, Bad Motivator
Above pic shows just the LED.............

.....................Pic below shows with a diffuser and wire mesh [temp positioned] in place. The mesh will be pressed further down inside.
R5D4, Bad Motivator
There is just enough space inside the Motivator, once the washer and nut are fitted. Just need to wire up the battery properly and fit a switch...... not another switch! lol

Next piece is to fit the second component onto the Motivator. The 'flat' area seen in the first pic above is where it will be fitted.

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