R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.3

Ive had to do a few more re-designs on the motivator's activator bracket & pivot pieces. This is all new to me and although I sort of know the basics, a linear piston movement connected to a pivoting 'bell crank', didn't go the way I thought it would lol.

I decided to change the bracket for the pivoting bell crank, by making it a separate item. This means the actuator bracket can now be placed independently, maybe until I know where it should actual go lol

Downloaded the IGUS slide an assembled it onto the bracket. Along with nut, bolt and washer. Re-designed bell crank as well.

I found a supplier for the IGUS t-track and the price wasn't bad. I just now need to sort out the location bracket for the actuator.

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