R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.4

After printing out the actuator bracket re-design, I found out that I actually had less space than I thought and that the rear of the actuator was interfering with the inside of the dome, so not allowing it to sit in it's needed position.

Next problem was that in order to achieve clearance, I needed extra height (see pic above). Unfortunately tho, the longer version was TOO long (or high) for my mini desktop 3D printer.

So I had a thought and swapped the actuator bracket's location to the other side of the motivator opening. This meant a re-design, again, of the 'bell crank' component.

Am getting the hang of the clearances needed to make things a nice fit. I countersunk the hex hole for the lock nut into the component.

Well, the new position for the actuator fits, but is now at an angle that won't work.....

So looks like it's back to the drawing board (CAD) to look at another way to activate the motivator.


Next idea was to just mount the actuator directly below the IGUS slide to push/pull the motivator unit. But where to fix it tho. Idea was to mount the bracket to on of the internal wood frame supports.
So I drew up this bracket.
The next thing once this is fitted is to design up the linkage from the actuator to the IGUS slide.

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