R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.2

One of the thngs that bugged me was trying to solder the wires up inside the e-cig unit. It was never 100% successful with weak joints, dry joints etc.

So I looked into somehow modifying a pre-assembled unit and figuring how to get the air to flow though the unit. I found this unit on eBay (last year, for about £6) as part of my testing atomizer units.

I had been using these types of atomizers....
.....and I may still come back to these,
as they are easier to refill in the upright position.

But for this testing I'm using one of these.
I enlarged one of the holes in the base to allow are flow into the atomizer.
Then in AutoCAD Inventor, I drew up a collar for the plastic tubing to attach too.

And here it all is assembled. I tested it by blowing through the tube myself. It works, though I still need to fine tune it a bit more. The air flow felt restricted compared to original idea (see above picture No.2) But this may be because of the battery packs restrictively small cross cut out slots.

The battery pack (black plastic part) is not intended to be used, it's just for testing purposes.

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