R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.1

More redesign work has been done on getting the bracket into the right place, to allow the Motivator to sit low enough in the dome and also for the sliding track to be able to fit and slide as well.

I've also flipped the bracket's location to the other side of the pie hole.
Waaaaaaay back when I first made and fitted my motivator, the installation was just bolted onto an aluminium plate, with two M8 bolts holding the plate to the inside of the dome, via T-nuts.
 This was a test fit, before cutting out the rest of the Pie hole.

 The view of the aluminium plate from the inside of the dome.

The Motivator pop-up system was installed on one side so that there was room for the actuator bracket movement to have enough reach.
The plan is to do away with all this aluminium and make things simpler.

So after a few design and re-design ideas, length changes etc. I think I've now got the bracket right.... still a work in progress, but getting there.
Next is to re-design the actuator bracket and then the motivator adapter to connect it to the rail.

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