R5-D4 - Bad Motivator system upgrade 1.0

R5's pop up 'Motivator' system, was deactivated last year for an 'event'. Although the linkage used to lift the motivator is sound, the riser bars were starting to seize up a bit, so making the up and down movement not so smooth. The electronics side also needs a tune up as well, so this will be worked on too.

So after doing some researching, I think I found some new components to upgrade the set-up.
  • I found a slide 'sample' unit in work from IGUS.
  • I also ordered a cheap bearing loaded kitchen draw rail.
I'll be drawing up some ideas in AutoCAD 3D Inventor (in work) for how best to work these into the dome. But out of the two options listed above, I'm going with the IGUS drylin T miniature guide carriage.

I also looked and was toying with a new DJ Design's 'updated' Motivator resin kit. As he states on his website, he has updated the motivator to look more screen accurate, which it does. He does state that it's still only an interpretation of what it looks like, but it does look close to screen grabs I've seen.

Here's some of the pics of the 3D work.
This was idea Mk1

This needed some refining and was a bit over kill, even with the 'weight savin' cut-outs lol, so this now looks a bit like this.
Idea Mk2

Am already working on a possible Mk3 version, but it's more a 'what if' idea than a change to this design.

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