Solo - 3D printed trading card display

After designing the display for holding the four Solo cards from the Odeon cinema.
(see past post)

I wanted to have a stand to show off, individually, the four Astromech Droid trading cards, with a single Solo card. Three have their own cards, R2-F1P, R2-S8 & R5-PHT.

R2-F1P, R2-S8 & R5-PHT.
There is another astromech seen in the film, but it doesn't have a trading card. The fourth droid (see picture below) are also the droids from the Disney Droid Factory, toy set.

So I used the slot size I had used on the previous stand & then measured up the cards. I display my cards in protective plastic sleeves, so these are the dimensions I used for the trading card slot. The above three droid cards are vertical, the final card, of R5-232, who doesn't have a card like the above, can be seen on base card no.57. This card features an Imperial Stormtrooper, is a horizontal style.

I'll add some paint to the text to make it stand out
This was a test print and it lifted off the bed a bit, but it worked and the cards fitted well.
I then redesigned the slot to fit the vertical cards.

I've added these 3D stl files to my Thingiverse account.

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