R5's new dome bearing tape

I don't know why, but after a while of using the dome, the rubber motor wheel slips and won't turn the dome. A reverse spin usually sorts this.......no idea why as the wheel is a tight fit??

But also you get kids try spinning the dome, which can be annoying as then others start doing it and R5's usually trapped so can't drive away...backup... is the 'scream' sound effect lol.

Now, this tape is the anti-slip stuff you find fitted on steps etc. It's grippy like sandpaper, but not as course, plus it comes with adhesive backing which (as you'd expect) is good sticky stuff.
R5-D4 bearing wheel tape
And of course, it had to be Red......well, orangey red lol
I test wrapped the tape around the inside edge first and cut to length. Next up was applying to the inside edge of the bearing face.

R5-D4 bearing wheel tape

I started and unwrapped the adhesive backing tape.

R5-D4 bearing wheel tape
 I fed the tape/bearing around as I applied it. The wheel liked this.

R5-D4 bearing wheel tape
And here it is all wrapped up.
Next was to trim off the excess tape. Yes I could of trimmed to size before applying, but as it was my first time using this tape, this way you can do without any issues with messing up fitting and have excess tape (on the overhang).

R5-D4 bearing wheel tape
Trimming off the excess
And here it is finished.

I was asked if the rubber wheel will wear....it should be ok, imagine a car tyre on the road, it wears through use. This should be good as well as it grips better and there's no slippage.

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