UK R2D2 Builders Christmas Event 2017

This years event was held at a different/new location. Sam P,
arranged the event and was held in Camberley, Surrey.

Doors were open from 12 till 5 pm.

I took my two youngest along as they love seeing all the droids, plus it gives the wife a day's rest too.

There was a few planning on heading up from the South West region, Paul F, being one of them, followed me up.

We arrived just on mid-day and a few members were already there setting up. Sam had set up a live webcam for club friends to view online.

As well as a meet and greet day, it was also a chance to MOT new droids and re-test pre-MOT approved droids.

Lot's of questions and answers about builds, electronics, ideas etc were discussed throughout the day. Sam bought along his R2-Q5, Chopper built and new one in build progress, as well as a new R2 unit he is working on.

Checkout Sam's progress on his Instagram feed.

Here are some other pictures from the day.

Here's a You Tube link to the above & more droids.

After the MOT's were complete, it was almost the end of the day.
The kids needed more food, but not before the final droid collective photos.

Below pic was posted up on my Instagram 

We also had two 'special guest', Brad O (BHD) & James S, made an appearance!
Was great to see them both! Although their droid's didn't attend.

Almost forgot to fit the R4 dome on to show people lol, managed to remember....just and take some photos as well.

Just need to finish printing off the neck ring..... more on this soon.

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