R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.5

  • 3D printing
  • Woodwork
I changed the printer settings and this sped up the print time, meaning that I could get two & a half panels printed off in a day, with the half panel being finished for the morning lol.

These have been screwed into place and then using a soldering iron, 'welded' the joining panels together. (see previous post).


Next up: Something that had bugged me since installing them, were the 3D printed electronic panels. Although I had recessed the panel that they fit into, they still protruded out further than I liked. I originally hadn't done the following as I wasn't sure of the strength of the panel. Since adding the curved panels tho, they're own rear supports had increased the rigidity of this panel.

 So scored the edges and started to cut the panel out.

Panel out.

Next up was to cut some hardboard pieces to be PVA glued behind the opening.
This is so the electronic panel has a surface to sit against.

Didn't think it would look this good, but am now MUCH happier!

Next up is to touch up the edges & dirty up the electronic panels.

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