R0-D4 dome upgrade 2017 - 1.1

Measured and cut out the ring yesterday. Then marked up where the bearing location studs will go, in relation to the domes skeleton frame work.
And here it & R0's dome, next to R5's dome, for ref work on how I did it etc. Next up was to mark out the recessed parts for the studs.
And then I drilled and countersunk the holes used to fix the new ring to the skeleton frame.


Next up was to make the stud location blocks. These are thicker than the base ring and help locate the dome securely onto the bearing. I marked the skeleton frame position onto the base ring and then cut out some blocks from 18mm thick plywood. Once I had the position of the stud marked, I drilled out a slightly larger hole so there is clearance allowing for misalignment with the studs. I then placed the ring on the bearing, and using the studs as a guide, I glued the blocks into place.
I did these one at a time. Once the glue was dried, I then drilled and screwed the blocks in place.

Here's the view from inside the dome.
Once these are all in, I then need to look at the new metal neck skin.....

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