R0-D4 dome upgrade 2017 - 1.0

Well, it needed to be done, so I started re-looking at how to convert the R0 dome fitting/connection set-up, to match R5's which now sits on a rockler style bearing.

Going back through my photo's, I needed to remove the lower outer neck skin, as it was secured into place with pin nails. These go into the main connection ring which needs to be replaced with a thinner piece of wood to allow space for the bearing to sit up inside it.

And so it begins....
It is heartbreaking to have to destroy work you've done, and if the 'wobble' issue wasn't such an issue, this work wouldn't have needed to of been done. But the new set up is better and more stable. As you can see the panel pins go into the lower base ring. Also started to undo the screws that hold the skeleton uprights to the base ring, just seen upper right of the picture.

And after five minutes of praising and removing of the pins, the outer skin ring is off.
The internal 'groove' part of the neck detail is still in place. This was fitted to the skeleton uprights and also has fiber glass on the inside. The 'damaged' area is where it had some PVA glue on it to help with the outer (removed) ring.

This you can see better in the last picture below.......

Next up is to mark up, and cut out a new base ring, like how I did for R5's. Then its re-fixing time lol.

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