R0-D4 dome upgrade 2017 - 1.2

Finished off attaching the location blocks.

Glued and then screwed from the underside.

Once these were all done, I re-attached this new base ring to the Dome.

One thing I didn't get round to doing on R0's dome was his two side rear quarter panels. I wanted them to be blue, but didn't have time to do this before going to Celebration Europe 2016. Whilst there R5 was in much demand that I didn't get around to swapping over the domes and driving R0-D4 around. Then once home, he was put back on the shelf (dome) and I forgot about the panels.

So I decided to spray them up. Using a strong clear bag, I masked off the two sections.

Next up was spraying them with metallic blue.

And whilst I had time, I did some light weathering to the dome to better match-up with R5's body. Didn't want to go mad as this dome may not of seen sand lol, but still needed to be grubbed up a bit.
 The top has had the weathering toned back a bit since this photo.
I may put on my list of things to do, a set of correct dome rods.

Went and ordered the new metal strip that will be used to make up the new skin ring, which will replace the original wood one.
Ordered on Monday 26th from:

Metals4U (here in the UK),

they supply cut to length/thickness/width from a range of materials.
It arrived the next day!! WOW!!

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